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Desc:Super scifi landing sequence at 4:52
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:rocket, Space, mars, SpaceX, Elon Musk
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PoE Challenge;

Since we have school shooting deniers, I request that you find 'live rocket launch footage' deniers. Bonus points if they're flat-earthers.
blue vein steel
i have a literal Flat Earther friend on FB (some guy i went to college with over 10 years ago) and it's all too funny to unfriend him.

Based on his constant posting about it, the default flat Earther response to anything involving NASA or space flight is that it's all CGI. Before CGI, special effects.

blue vein steel
also, they refer to live events as "live" events

We only have school-shooting deniers when we get too Bernie Sanders. The sockpuppet accounts come out.

The CNN version of this had special guest star aviation analyst Miles O'Brien!
"And now we cut to special analyst Miles O'Brien. Miles, what does it look like out there?"

"I wouldn't know, they won't install a window for me."

"Riker to O'Brien, have you seen my car?"
"No, Commander."

I guess the billionaires are going to move to mars, since the Nazis already have the moon.
Ok, this is badass. Can we just put the crazy billionaires in charge of everything so we can finally have that sci-fi future we were all promised?
You guys, he put Space Oddity on the radio, a sign saying Dont Panic on the screen, and a towel in the glove compartment.


For, he is the Kumkwat Haagendasz.
A copy of the book might have helped alien anthropologists with context.

Needs "trying too hard" tag big time.

blue vein steel
The drone ship landing-pads are also named after the sentient star-ships from Ian Banks' Culture novels.

Being something of a sci-fi nerd, i actually got a little misty-eyed when the two boosters landed.

Despite strong nerd hive-mind urge to like him, he's still a shitty billionaire for how he treats his workers.

If he wasn't a poser, the song would have been Radar Rider:


Maggot Brain
SHUT UP! I'm trying to watch the rocket!
From someone on my twitter:

"The next phase of the SpaceX project begins now when Elon Musk starts sending cheesy movies -the worst he can find- to the orbiting Tesla."

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