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Binro the Heretic - 2018-02-08

Dr. Steven Brule's horrible racist uncle.

memedumpster - 2018-02-08


Gmork - 2018-02-08

He's going to win illinois. Five for evil.

Maggot Brain - 2018-02-09

okay, the one party, jew party was funny once. Find a new bit, Grandpa!

also, Poppycock!

Oscar Wildcat - 2018-02-08

One fish, two fish,
Queer fish, Jew fish.

He may be a Nazi, but he's a Nazi for peace!

OK, America has completely taken leave of it's senses. I don't even know anymore...

Marlon Brawndo - 2018-02-08

Who wants to bet he was the one dude in his unit in Vietnam making necklaces out of ears?

cognitivedissonance - 2018-02-08

Come on, Illinoise
Girls, Nazi boys
We’ll riled riled riled
About the Goys

memedumpster - 2018-02-09

🔯 🔯 🔯 🔯 🔯

Hooker - 2018-02-08

He's running unopposed! Isn't there a more respectable Republican candidate willing to lose pointlessly to run against him!?

SolRo - 2018-02-08

Respectable republican?

cognitivedissonance - 2018-02-09

The plus side: if he’s running unopposed it’s because the Republicans don’t expect to win. It was already a lost cause and they’re unlikely to throw money after this guy.

betabox - 2018-02-10

Respectable republican?

Hazelnut - 2018-02-10

It would still be nice to hear the Republican Party say "Hey, this guy is an asshole and doesn't represent us, please don't vote for him." Like they did with Roy Moore in that alternate reality where the Republican leadership had a shred of decency left.

Gmork - 2018-02-10

Didn't they do just that as shown in this video? Am I trippin', Hazel?

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