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Desc:Radio host & legend Joe Frank died recently - and this movie is coming soon
Category:Trailers, Arts
Tags:Radio, Joe Frank
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godot - 2018-02-13
Frank was never syndicated anyplace I lived.

So I've only discovered him through the the recent memorials and eulogies. The Radiolab feature prompted me to seek a torrent (sorry JF's estate/heirs, $9/hr isn't a viable price for podcasts), so I've been encountering the 200+ hours Frank produced for the first time. It's mostly all good, and I grok most of Frank's neurotic obsessions and love his flights of fancy. The main offputting thing, listening to this on a morning commute, is what seems in this day a pervy obsession with the sexuality of much younger women, but then again these shows originally played at 11 PM.
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