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Desc:Fallon sucks but anything music-related he does is at least mildly entertaining
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:go west, paul rudd, Jimmy Fallon, king of wishful thinking, exaggerated hip shaking
Submitted:Herr Matthias
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retsupurae: BillyMc
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blue vein steel
i like Paul Rudd, but i think i'm missing the joke here (unless the joke is simply "famous people remake old music video")
Marlon Brawndo
Paul Rudd.
On the film that they hold up that has the moving pictures, you can see them doing past imitations, like the Styx video.
looking at it from 2:05, it seems like it's all pics from that one video.

Computer, load up Celery Man please.
Now Tayne, I can get into

There is nothing Jimmy Fallon can do to apologize for legitimizing Trump during the election. He’s human shit I’d cross the street to avoid.
I dunno didn't around 50% of voters do that? I'm just picturing you whipping back and forth across the street like a pong ball haha.

Unironically enjoy the song. Paul Rudd's hairline makes me laugh.

Where's the joke? Whats funny about this? What's funny about anything Jimmy Fallon does?
Herr Matthias
1. There...isn't one? Paul Rudd's schtick on Fallon is that Fallon will bring up "that time we were both in (once-somewhat-popular but now uniquely dated band)" and then they'll cut to a remake of a video. They did it with Styx also.

2. Paul Rudd + early 90s music video tropes are inherently funny.

3. Good question.

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