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Desc:Oh, they're *huff* remaking our *wheeze* game?
Category:Video Games
Tags:dance, secret of mana, out of shape
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Comment count is 16
Old_Zircon - 2018-02-17
It's about video games and has a preview image containing gratuitous cleavage that's unrelated to actual video content, yet it only has around 40,000 views? Weird. I expected at least 200k.
Old_Zircon - 2018-02-17
Also, while I was typing that last post the next video autoplayed and this is a parody channel, right? I mean, it has to be. Right?


betamaxed - 2018-02-17
OZ, I think we have to realize that we've crossed over into a world in which the concept of a parody does not exist.

RocketBlender - 2018-02-18
Youtube people understand they don't have to do everything in a single take, right?

Like you can take a breather and finish your skit after a rest if you're too out of breath to deliver your own punchline.

Kid Fenris - 2018-02-17
I am suddenly nostalgia for the days when jokes like this were confined to sprite comics.

It's hard for me to resist this remake, even with the middling reviews. Losing little details like the dancing merchants makes it easier, though.
StanleyPain - 2018-02-17
It looks pretty bad. I like Secret of Mana, I don't hold it in any special regard as a masterpiece or anything, but this is a pretty terrible reboot. I mean, the PS2 Mana game (Dawn of Mana, I think?) looked better and played better and that was like 10+ years ago and it wasn't even a particularly stand out game.

Monchiles Monchiles - 2018-02-17
My wife and I got it because there's not a lot of same couch co-op games anymore and we enjoyed emulating it years ago. It's not aged well. You can't save anywhere, the enemy variety is lacking, there's no rhyme or reason for getting most of the game's weapons and they all play kind of samey, the boss's still do the screen freeze thing when they do magic, and enemy's can't take damage if they're in a knock down state. The story is more a string of tropes than anything else (pull a sword from a stone, exiled from your village, dwarven blacksmiths; etc;) For a fantasy RPG grindyish beat-em-up it's not bad. My problem is that none of the reviews focus on the very real problems the game has or what a missed opportunity it was to add some much needed quality-of-life upgrades, and instead focus on inane bullshit like the dancing merchant or the 3d graphics or different boops in the soundtrack.

Nominal - 2018-02-18
I thought it was pretty blah even at the time. Having to grind your spells was tedious. Boss battles being a (pausing) magic spam was super tedious. The invincible knockdown state was tedious. It was also one of the most bug ridden SNES games I'd ever played.

Hell, the Gameboy version Final Fantasy Adventure was better.

RocketBlender - 2018-02-18
Going from playing the game on a modded SNES mini to the upgrade, I've been enjoying it okay. It gets a lot of extra bonus points from me for being one of the few games me, my fiance, and my 6 year old can play together, at the same time, and it doesn't require any in game purchases, toys, etc. It's kinda sad that's my criteria for a good game these days, but it is what it is.

Graphically, it's not my favorite, but the shift to 3D does make some environments work a little better. The biggest upgrade I've noticed is that it does a way better job registering when an enemy is hit, going to it nearly straight from the SNES, you really do notice a difference there. Also, for the most part, enemies seem to spam magic a little less, which is nice. The AI is pretty bad and has less options than the original SNES version surprisingly, but that's not too big an issue for me since we're playing with three humans. If nothing else, the AI actually makes me appreciate my 6 year old's 'help'.

Also, the dancing merchants are still there, apparently there was a lot of outcry (this video included) about the lack of them thanks to an early demo that some people got to try in which they didn't have the animation done yet, but they're still there, goofy as ever. My kid actually loves them.

RocketBlender - 2018-02-18
Almost forgot; a lot of the remade music is really hit or miss, with plenty of misses for me, but they at least included the option to set it to the classic SNES music and back at any time. Helps a lot.

Nominal - 2018-02-17
Crystalis > Secret of Mana
Kid Fenris - 2018-02-17
And just as burdened by an unnecessary remake.

Old_Zircon - 2018-02-18
Kirby's Dream Course is better than both of them.

Bup bup bah!!

RocketBlender - 2018-02-18
And still tons of fun. Someone made a rom hack for it that adds like a good hundred plus courses, I've slowly been playing through them.

RocketBlender - 2018-02-18
I'm so glad this made it out of the hopper so I can finally fix my autocorrect fuckup.
Chancho - 2018-02-18
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