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Desc:Ted Cruz attempted a little metaphor, but didn't understand how true it was.
Category:Humor, Classic TV Clips
Tags:the simpsons, frank grimes, The Difference Between Boomers And Millenials
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Comment count is 31
Rangoon - 2018-02-23
This episode should be a mandatory auto-five.
cognitivedissonance - 2018-02-23
Ted Cruz, God bless him, is the most honest Republican. The problem is that he tells truths he doesn't comprehend.
Old_Zircon - 2018-02-23
I used t be a millennial. I've been seeing it defined as "people under 35" since I was 33. I'm going to be 40 this April and I'm still seeing it defined as "people under 35"

It's almost as if generational identity is an artificial media construct used to pit people against each other in order to undermine class solidarity and obfuscate the actual sources of oppression that affect all of them.

Anyhow, that suit guy's criticism of Homer sounds more like Gen X than like boomers to me. Most of the boomers I've known worked hard, lived difficult lives, and accomplished stuff like, you know, the civil rights movement and the end of homosexuality being literally illegal, while Gen X accomplished the Star Wars fandom and "limited edition" as a viable marketing tactic. Or they would have if there was actually such a thing as generations outside of marketing boardrooms.

But maybe that's a regional thing.
Old_Zircon - 2018-02-23
Also this isn't clever or funny, the Simpsons haven't been clever or funny in 25 years.

This is indistinguishable from Family Guy.

yogarfield - 2018-02-23
Agreed on all points, except this is a stellar episode. Grimey was written as a real-world human being that was shoved into and later cracked under the weight of Springfield.

memedumpster - 2018-02-23
A Gen X'r carrying a briefcase and wearing a tie!?

*slaps OZ with a white glove stolen from JC Penny*

I agree though, this was just dumb.

Xenocide - 2018-02-23
If this were Family Guy, Grimes would have been raped five times by this point in the episode (each time during an overlong movie parody while Peter vomits in the background) and the entire subplot with the factory would be replaced with an 8 minute sequence where they just show old footage from Hee Haw.

This is one of the best Simpsons episodes ever because it seems cynical but it's actually the opposite. Grimes is the cynic who can't accept the convenient fun little sitcom world he's living in, insists on poking holes in everything, and ends up being hostile toward potential friends because he simply can't accept that another person who has suffered less than him gets to be happy. Homer is an ass sometimes but in this episode he's legit trying his best to be a nice person, and Grimes just refuses to accept his friendship because he's too wrapped up in his own self-important bullshit.

I know the classic interpretation of this episode is "a normal man couldn't survive in Springfield," but Grimes isn't normal. He's a self-pitying sad sack who can't stand that the rest of the world isn't as miserable as he is. The real message is "Springfield doesn't make perfect sense because our priority is to have fun. If you're not on board with that, you're gonna have a bad time."

So OZ is wrong, this episode is a classic.

But the one with Steamed Hams in it is better. Despite your directions!

Gmork - 2018-02-23
"Grimes isn't normal. He's a self-pitying sad sack who can't stand that the rest of the world isn't as miserable as he is."

sounds pretty normal to me

Raggamuffin - 2018-02-24
Everyone has a Frank Grimes in their life. If you don't know who the Frank Grimes in your life is...

Raggamuffin - 2018-02-24
One thing I'd add is that this whole episode builds on itself and continues to escalate until the big finale. It doesn't work nearly as well when you take parts out and show them separately.

cognitivedissonance - 2018-02-24
I believe Groening has stated that this episode should have logically been the finale to the series, although he also said that about "22 Short Films About Springfield", source of the Steamed Hams meme. There was also an internal idea that the show would end with the family driving in to the Christmas pageant from the first episode, establishing a circular narrative, but with the loss of Mrs. Krabapple, that was lost. It's just floating in Fred Flintstone cultural stasis until Doomsday.

I think the older I get, the more I like Flanders. He's not a perfect man, but he is a good man. He has a sincere faith, he follows it to it's natural logical conclusions, he sacrifices a lot in his personal ministry to the thankless Homer, and he is constantly wracked with doubt (especially as the series moves forward) and he chooses to err on the side of his faith, which is really uncommon in American pop culture. Grimes and Flanders have a lot in common, but Grimes is just worn down by life and circumstance.

The main problem with the Simpsons, especially as the show moves on, is the willingness to completely obliterate characters and change what makes them work beyond repair. Ned Flanders after the death of Maude Flanders was just the romantic comedy nice guy, and he lost what made his character interesting. I don't think the show has ever been about the quality of jokes.

The Mothership - 2018-02-24

infinite zest - 2018-02-24
If a person was under 18 in 2000, then it was assumed that he or she didn't have a true grasp of the world, so you'd be entering the Adult-o-sphere wearing nothing but your y2k glasses. That's what Millennial ahs always meant to me, but I just turned 36 and idunnowhatthefuck

cognitivedissonance - 2018-02-24
Were you in prison again, Zesty? Next time figure out a way so we can send you a care package.

infinite zest - 2018-02-24
I was in jail - not prison - for a month and a half. It's been fun, guys. I'm joining team #evilhomer.


cognitivedissonance - 2018-02-24
I loved Evilhomer. I love all of you. I love your scruffy little head, Zesty. You're all my special little faggots.

infinite zest - 2018-02-24
Love you all too. Just a little raw, even though I get the thing expunged come May. Drugs are dumb to be on in public places, something I learned once.

Once. Peace. 🦊🦊🦊

cognitivedissonance - 2018-02-25
I like you. You know how to contact me.

Marlon Brawndo - 2018-02-26
This was one of the best episodes because it showed how having expectations can get you in trouble. You need to learn to adapt for any job. Frank Grimes is the guy that can't let go of his notion of how things should be and just go with the flow. And it's one of the few episodes where everyone is on the same page. It's like through his mere existence, Frank Grimes brings everyone in Springfield together because no one wants to be like him.

Xenocide - 2018-02-23
Homer's "see?" after introducing Lisa is such a great and underplayed joke.
garcet71283 - 2018-02-23
I see the similarities. I'm an early millennial/late gen-Xer and the fact is that the world I live in would have seen my boomer parents starve in. Both my parents went to college for 4 year degrees, had no student loans and paid their way through working as a waitress and a hotel clerk. Afterwards, they bounced between jobs, ended up in the Seattle area 10 years later and bought a house for $30,000. My mom became a full time mom and my dad worked for the post office delivering mail and they never had issues paying bills and raising two kids in comfort. This continued all the way until the early 2000s when the financial realities of the time finally required my mom to get a minimum wage job.

In comparison, by my age, they had a kid, a house, no student loans, and a punch the clock style 40 hour a week job that could support the family on one income.
I have a 6 year degree, a 16 year career, and a wife who works. If I wanted a house in the same neighborhood as my parents today, I couldn't afford the mortgage ($600,000 to $800,000 average around here).
Bort - 2018-02-24
Follow these simple steps and you can be a Millennial (or a Trump supporter, as it works out):

Step 1: frame things so that you are the biggest victim and your resentments are the most valid.

Step 2: demand that, as the biggest victim, you be moved to the front of the line.

Step 3: declare that anyone who disagrees must be greedy and self-centered.

I'd take Millennials more seriously if their grievances were less about "me me me" and a little bit more about "that guy over there who has it worse than me" -- and every single resentful white Millennial has it better than their minority counterparts. I still haven't forgotten the response to Netroots Nation and Seattle, and I haven't seen any signs that the grievance-laden Millennials are in it for anything but their own personal gain. Which is what they hate the Boomers for, oddly enough. Mirrors can be ugly things.

But the Boomers had to worry about being drafted. Right there, that's a bigger grievance than anything the Millennials are facing.

I am much more hopeful about GenZ.
Nikon - 2018-02-24
Generation Z is even more conservative than the Millennials.
https://www.forbes.com/sites/ashleystahl/2017/08/11/why-democr ats-should-be-losing-sleep-over-generation-z/#576f80487878

SolRo - 2018-02-24
Bort; “Got mine, fuck you millenials!”

Bort - 2018-02-24
SolRo: show me a single time I have advocated policies that help me (a 50-year-old white guy) and mine first. Society was built for people like me; I'm going to be fine no matter what. Every single time, I have been in favor of policies that put women and minorities first, and the genuinely poor over the "I couldn't afford the college I really wanted so I had to attend a state university" crowd. (And I will sure as hell focus on funding the HBCUs before state universities, if I have to choose one or the other.)

But yes, fuck those Millennials who have a selfish streak a mile wide and call it "egalitarian principles".

SolRo - 2018-02-24
Bort; “literally every person born during a certain timeframe is a selfish trump supporter while I am a saint worthy of passing judgment”

Sounds like something a scumbag self centered gen Xer would say.

Bort - 2018-02-24
Right, because I'm the person who put the tags in this thread and then posted all the other nonsense about this generation and that. It just so happens I'm the only one who doesn't think Millennials are The Wonder Generation; deal with it.

Apparently the part about "who have a selfish streak a mile wide" means "literally all of them" in your world.

SolRo - 2018-02-24
I'm not the 'got mine, fuck you' 50 year old spitting on those younger than him for wanting "outrageous" things like a living wage, costs of education that are reasonable, healthcare and workers rights.

But you're probably right, all these things are worthless to black people and LGBT people so they should be ignored while everyone in the lower classes digs in shit to build a pedestal for your favored minorities.

memedumpster - 2018-02-24
18-35 year olds are the largest demographic against gun control.

So much for dem childrens.

Mister Yuck - 2018-02-24
"Every single resentful white Millennial has it better than their minority counterparts".

Bort, almost everyone faces problems in their life that are very, very real, even existential, to them. If you dismiss a huge group of people's problems out of hand you will almost certainly turn that group against you. I, for one, would like progressives to get white people's votes. Selfishly, because I am a selfish white millennial, I would also like progressives to solve white people's problems. So please, quit saying stupid shit, because your rhetoric is damaging the cause we both support. Or rather, please quit saying stupid shit because it damages the cause I actually support and you claim to support in online comments.

Bort - 2018-03-03
I do not dismiss white Millennials' grievances. But I say those grievances need to be considered with some measure of perspective. Every Millennial who feels that their student loan situation is a more pressing problem than black people getting shot by cops, should seriously consider that they are a self-centered tool well on their way to becoming the Boomers they hate.

Sometimes the customer isn't right.

And again, I'm not the one who started all the generational sniping in this video. Besides how pointless it is for any generation to argue they had it the worst, the resentful selfishness behind it just leads to a worse class of "progressives".

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