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Desc:'I'm not gay or anything...'
Category:Educational, Short Films
Tags:HIV, educational, ACTING!
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Comment count is 7
Is it just me or does that guy look really, really stoned?
Fucking dipshit patient. No, there isn't a mix-up dumbass. You... YES YOU.... have the horrible disease. It sucks, but quit denying reality.

I sense a future Trump voter.
Dude. Take your pills.

On a lighter note, I got tested today. I know I don't have HIV but we're waiting on gonorrhea and chlamydia. Yay for personal responsibility.

blue vein steel
As someone who works in healthcare, i can say their professional training videos are a veritable POE goldmine
I was hoping to see an example of how not to do it...

"Hey, faggot! Guess who's got AIDS!"
This video was probably made AFTER the Reagan Administration.

Marlon Brawndo
This is pretty realistic only they should add about 500 more "fucks" to this conversation.
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