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memedumpster - 2018-02-25

Is this a different thing than Remo Williams : The Adventure Begins?

Xenocide - 2018-02-25

Adventure Begins was a theatrical movie. It disappointed at the box office so they tried making the planned sequel movie into a TV pilot.

betamaxed - 2018-02-25

Yes meme dumpster, this is a t.v. series pilot based on the movie based on the book series "the destroyer."

Right now a new adaption of the destroyer series would be very fitting given our current political realities.

memedumpster - 2018-02-25

I've read a dozen or so Destroyer novels. They tended to be more low-rent James Bond comedies than an excuse to be afraid of idiots.

Now The Executioner novels is where it's at for true forced conservative violence porn.

Or the Edge series if you want that in Western form.

Louddetective - 2018-02-25

I maintain that a Remo Williams reboot with John Bernthal in Fred Ward's role would be the business.

BHWW - 2018-02-26

In the 38th book in the Destroyer series, "Bay City Blast" Remo and his master/father figure, Chiun, are dispatched to a decrepit waterfront city in New Jersey where a new mayor has been elected and his economic reforms seem to have the funny side effect of making the town attractive to Mafia families, who begin moving in. It's all part of an elaborate Federal sting however. But some guys are about to make a lot more trouble, self-appointed opponents of the mob who manage to cause more collateral damage and death to innocent bystanders.

Wealthy weapons designer Sam Gregory has decided to alleviate his terminal boredom by becoming a vigilante, and rub out the scourge of the Mafia from the nation, starting with Bay City. Calling himself the Eraser, he gathers together a "Rubout Squad" of vigilantes who are all burlesque parodies of some of Pinnacle Books' other action adventure series heroes, author Warren Murphy really cranking up the sarcasm. We have obvious mockeries of Mack Bolan aka The Executioner, assassin and master of disguise Richard Camellion aka the Death Merchant (star of a long running but poorly written series by one Joseph Rosenberger) and The Butcher, a series about a former mobster turned special operative for a government agency codenamed "White Hat".

To quote from the book:

"There was Mark Tolan. He was a brooding, muscular, dark-haired man who had been court-martialed in Vietnam for proving the no-miss capability of the Gregory Sur-Shot handgun, primarily against women and children. He had tried to call Gregory as a defense witness at his court-martial, apparently on the unique legal theory that if he could prove how easy it was to kill with that gun, the court-martial board would understand why he had plugged two dozen women and children. Gregory had appeared, but Tolan, a career sergeant, was still thrown out of service. He had been working for the last four years in a drive-in restaurant."

"The second member of the team was Al Baker whom Gregory had met one night in a New York restaurant. Baker had told him that he was a member of the Mafia who had fled the organization and lived, and offered to organize Gregory's weapons factory if he had any union problems. He had given Gregory his card which Gregory had saved, but had never known why. He remembered his grandfather's worries about the Mafia and would never have anything to do with anyone in the mob. But now... now that he was fighting the mob, a man with Baker's connections and knowledge would be a definite asset, particularly since he had long ago left the mob. He did not know that Al Baker was a small time numbers runner whose closest connection with the Mafia had been seeing The Godfather twenty-three times and thereafter practicing talking like Marlon Brando."

"The final member of the team was a former actor who had taken to writing Gregory a lot of letters after an article about the gun designer had appeared in a national magazine. The letters had quoted Shakespeare a lot and praised Gregory's inventions and prayed, forsooth, that the weapons would only be used on the scum of the world which deserved that kind of end. Gregory liked the writer's literary style — it was the fanciest thing he had ever seen — and had started to correspond with him. The actor's name was Nicholas Lizzard. He was an emaciated six-foot-five. He carried a doctor's leather bag with him, in which he carried makeup for disguises. His skill was such that, fully made up, he could mask his height and look barely six-feet-four."

Xenocide - 2018-02-25

Let's hear it for that title sequence, in which the producers explore their love of scenes where Roddy McDowell turns his head slightly to the side.

Marlon Brawndo - 2018-02-26

Wow. Ching chong bing bong is a linked tag.

Marlon Brawndo - 2018-02-26

Okay, I could only take this thing up through the opening credits. Holy fuck is this bad. I mean, they even steal the opening theme music from a couple of other crappy 80s shows. I think this was the theme music to a dozen shows, only this one has bullet shot sound effects added.

boner - 2018-02-26

Congrats on making a show in 1988 that could be from 1968.

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