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Desc:Because America sucks at lessons from history.
Category:Military, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:PBS, korea, North Korea, Korean War, Battle of Chosin
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Enjoy, can you retitle this submission "US Foreign Policy explained" please?

5 for someone actually pointing out that America waving its dick around on another county’s border might be considered a hostile act
US military tactics seems to do really well at swiftly taking the low ground.
...in which the Chinese forces caught the overextended UN troops completely by surprise, surrounding them in the freezing mountains, outnumbering them 4:1. They then completely failed to destroy the allied forces, lost 3 times the number of men as the allies successfully withdrew, and the 9th army was crippled.
They beat a modern mechanized military force with nothing but foot soldiers and tactics. that’s an accomplishment.

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