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Tags:stupid, korn, corn, cornrows
Submitted:Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
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John Holmes Motherfucker
Oh, Internet, I can never stay mad at you!

This reminds me of a video I made years ago of myself, watching I Dream of Jeannie, while eating Miracle Whip from the jar. I wish I hadn't lost that.

(Checks blood glucose.)
Gentlemen, more corn!

http://www.youtubemultiplier.com/5aa16638da1fc-cornrows-corn-k orn-khorn-gentlemen-more-corn.php
This is great
John Holmes Motherfucker
Absolutely. it's the guy's expression that makes this high art, instead of an embarrassingly obvious attempt to create a viral video (like the time I ate a jar of Miracle Whip on Camera)*. Somehow his expression manages to be almost completely blank, yet he manages to evoke a whole range of moods, from awkwardness to depression to confusion to ennui. he must have spent a lot time, and probably a lot of money, setting up this gag, but he almost seems to be graduaually coming out of some kind of blackout, and wondering how he got there.

i am so fucking subscribing to this guy!

John Holmes Motherfucker
Guy named Dick sucks dick while listening to the Dictators
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Minor listens to Minor Threat playing Minecraft.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
A minor miner listens to a minor key Minor Threat song whilst mining in a mine in Minecraft, in a mine.

infinite zest
Gorillas listening to Gorillaz; Listening to Blur with your eyes crossed :)

infinite zest

John Holmes Motherfucker
Guy drinks Gorilla Milk while listening to Gorillaz and studying a manual on Guerrilla Warfare

infinite zest
Watching NWO reruns listening to New Order-- in The New World Order!! D: D:

Too corny for me, one star.
Maggot Brain
I think this guy dated my sister in high school.

You have some big shoes to fill, RSR.
There's a cornhole joke in here somewhere but I'm too tired.

Feeling more awake.

Guy with cornrows eats corn while listening to korn while sticking it in your sisters cornhole.

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