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Category:Video Games
Tags:fat, DOS, vidya games, EGA
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stars immediately for him just rubbing his man tits
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
The art direction of this is great.. Also it looks freakin' amazing for 89.. Just for reference 'Commander Keen: goodbye galaxy' came out in 1991
Yeah, I'd never heard of this game before, I found it while I was looking for good examples of full screen EGA art an it stood out.

My brothers and I would play this for hours and hours and hours. It's a great game.

Had a version of this on the commie called Mandu's fight palace. Besides the load times it was pretty fun. I guess there's a conversion of it on the genesis as well.

I don't know much at all about these but I got the impression that this was actually a sequel to Sandy's Fight Palace.

Shanghai Tippytap
i read these comments in kim justice voice

Spit Spingola
"make me wiggle"
Making a videogame spinoff for "Jake and the Fatman" was an odd choice in the first place, the direction the makers went in is another.
Everything about this game looks fucking awesome, except for the actual gameplay
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