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Desc:It's still a man's world.
Category:General Station, Short Films
Tags:Japan, tea, Go, another video for the Japan tag, tea time
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Comment count is 12
Binro the Heretic
What a prick.
infinite zest
Being a prick takes a Minute to Learn... A Lifetime to Master

Japan is a really polite society, so when you're a prick there, you're really a prick!

Jeez he could at least have given her the empty cup.
The Mothership
The problem is obvious; you're drinking too much tea.
infinite zest
Drinking too much of anything will eventually make you have to Go

The invisible ghost of a long-dead Go master who controls his actions wanted tea.

As for his opponent, the invisible ghost a long-dead Go master who controls HIS actions wasn't thirsty at the moment.
Woman, know your place! Men are playing serious board games here!
cho chikun is generally the big dick at the potluck supper when it comes to go

What, no rap music and Thug Life logo at the end of the video? Or is that coming next?
Chicken the Did
Might not necessarily be some random act of misogyny. Even though it probably is. It could also be interpreted as a middle finger to the -entirety of Japan itself-.

"Look everybody, a Korean is taking your tea and kicking your ass at your own game!"
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