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Desc:A touching parting gift from a ideological rival.
Category:News & Politics, Religious
Tags:jerry falwell, chrisopher hitchens, ac360
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Comment count is 17
You can tell who thinks they're smarter than they are by how little sense of humour they have.
Another pompous British atheist. Clearly taking the other side of Pascal's wager.
As are you, no doubt, unless you too have accepted Odin as your personal savior.

I kinda liked it. A little aggressive, but some pretty honest and fair references.
Mr. Quibble
HELL yeah. Preach it, atheist!
I think this is the soberest I've ever seen hitchens on TV
+5 for getting the phrase "chaucerian frauds" on a 24-hour American news network
Good even for believer types like me. Religion shouldn't be about being a complete thug.
"Selling pencils out of a cup" + "pinching his chubby little flanks" = 5 stars
Hitchens is a bit of a pompous ass, but I'm happy someone who hated Falwell was allowed to comment.
I'm not a Hitchen's fan, but I gotta give him props on this one.
This is the one positive thing to ever come out of Falwell's existence.
I wish Hitchens would talk more about God and less about terrorism.
Awesome job! I love Hitchens so much.
Caminante Nocturno
Pinching his chubby little shanks.
Jeff Fries
Never fails to produce a complete sentence
But you could of at least agreed on how great the Iraq war was.
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