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Desc:Mechanical conveyance for large numbers of chickens.
Category:Science & Technology, Business
Tags:chicken, agriculture, minor bruising
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Comment count is 7
duck&cover - 2018-03-27
That's nothing. You should see their cow catcher.
Meerkat - 2018-03-27
Well that ruffled some feathers. I thought it was going to be like Caligula's moving wall device. Also the guy should be riding it wearing in a metal thong and playing a flaming banjo or something.
Crab Mentality - 2018-04-04
I'm kinda wondering if that would be more humane.

Hooker - 2018-03-27
Looks delicious!
fedex - 2018-03-28
ONE DAY THEY SHALL RISE UP AND...well, no they probably won't, except by conveyor belt.
exy - 2018-03-28
Are you sure this isn't called a chicken kersplunklenator?
Mother Lumper - 2018-03-28
We need more poultry abuse footage, I'm not done masturbating.
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