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Desc:Celebrating the return of my cancer with an homage to my first Submit.
Category:Arts, Humor
Tags:Korean, Sinatra, drummer, lounge act
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Comment count is 14
Fuck cancer with a rusty hammer.

What's the situation?
blue vein steel
oh yeah, this guy! 5
Killer Joe
And boo!
Sorry to hear that man, fuck cancer. Lost my sister to it a couple years ago.

Five stars for this drummer, who is himself a bright shining star.
Just hit my 5 year mark clear of cancer since my 1st run with stage 3 colon cancer. But my last scan showed presence in my lungs and lymph nodes. Getting lymph biopsied next week with treatment to start soon after.

I dug up this video not even sure if it's the same dude from the original. Still found it entertaining either way.
The Mothership
Hey chumbucket, don't let cancer steal your show, dog.

May the advancements of medical science prove victorious!

...or something. i'm bad at these things.

Sorry to hear this. Kick its ass.

Sorry to hear, chum.

blue vein steel
Fuck that cancer up

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Mind over matter! You can beat this.

kill it, bro

Adding to the "fuck cancer" tally.
We love ya, chum.
I hope the treatment goes well and that you make a full recovery. Also, fuck cancer.
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