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You People Are Idiots - 2018-04-05

poe calls cspan

Gmork - 2018-04-05

Except PoE users are incredibly unlikely to be bigots. You'd be pretty fucking stupid to not see how we kind of ostracize that shit.

You People Are Idiots - 2018-04-05

best laugh all day
guessin u were never in the forums
nice that u call 1-2 of them out tho bud ill give u that much

betabox - 2018-04-05

Guessin u don't no how to spel wurds.

Mister Yuck - 2018-04-05

The fuck?

You People Are Idiots - 2018-04-06

imagine bein a spelling cop
on poe in 2018
clap clap mensa
u sure got me

Chicken the Did - 2018-04-05

It takes a real winner to look at something like Jim Crow with nostalgia glasses.

SolRo - 2018-04-05

didn't watch. 5'ing preload.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2018-04-05

Literally no one calls Cspan at 4AM other than nutty paranoid tinfoil hatters who sleep during the day.

The last guy was a stormfag. I remember years ago, on PoeRED, seeing their MLK sub-site and its contents read damn near verbatim what he was rambling off.

MLK's contributions to civil rights, his approach to peaceful protests and breaking down barriers via the American civic process through mutual understanding deserve nothing but endless praise. Ironically, the people who forget he was human, and put him upon a holy pedestal and grant him some deity-like status now are the same people who are making him roll in his grave right now, because they're doing everything completely antithetical to his message as if they never listened to or read a damn word he said.

You can by all means debate whether you think we as a nation are better off in a post-MLK world than we were in a pre-MLK world, but a platform to pay homage to him and his legacy really isn't the place to get up on your soap box to bitch about modern racial issues.

Nominal - 2018-04-06

Nothing pisses me of more than some upper middle class slacktivist kid claiming that his "The Other America" speech was an endorsement of violent protest.

Maggot Brain - 2018-04-06

If they shot Sailor Moon you're damn right I'm burning down the town. Now I'm not saying MLK is fictional but I've never seen the proof that he isn't!

The Mothership - 2018-04-06

Lasted till 2:42.

TeenerTot - 2018-04-06

Oh my gosh, me too.

chumbucket - 2018-04-06

"so called civil rights" my head needs to hit my desk over and over

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