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Desc:Solid music
Tags:white people, extreme sports, Crokinole
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Born in the RSR
From wikipedia:

"Crokinole is often believed to be of Mennonite or Amish origins, but there is no factual data to support such a claim. The reason for this misconception may be due to its popularity in Mennonite and Amish groups. The game was viewed as a rather innocuous pastime – unlike the perception that diversions such as card playing or dancing were considered "works of the Devil" as held by many 19th-century Protestant groups."

"Innocuous" is just about the best description for it.
Born in the RSR

"In 2006, a documentary film called Crokinole was released. The world premiere occurred at the Princess Cinema in Waterloo, Ontario, in early 2006. The movie follows some of the competitors of the 2004 World Crokinole Championship as they prepare for the event."

Jangbones, you got your work cut out for ya, buddy.

I am going to be gambling my social security away playing this. I'm certain of that.
amish gwent
Crokinole pussy is the sweetest pussy.
Muscle Memory: The Game
Holy shit, my parents had one of these.

I don't think they even knew what it was. As a kid I had fun hitting the little puck rings as hard as possible and sending them across the room.

Eventually I figured out how to sling them at the posts just right so that they hooked on ala ring toss.

My 8 year old self's version of the game was more fun than this looks.
I have one of those boards in my basement awaiting an eventual refinishing. I think every cottage in Ontario is required to have one of those by law.
white people tag requested
"Crokinole" tag linked requested

A classic addition to long, drunken winters.
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