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Desc:I hope they toss the body down Mel's Hole.
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:Aliens, conspiracy, Probably a dupe but who cares, Area51, Cost2Coast AM
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Comment count is 8
yogarfield - 2018-04-14
Art Bell is a legend. He once accidentally glued his mouth shut while on air. During a commercial break he stepped out for a smoke break, forgot that his porch was being remodeled, stepped out into the void and fell flat on his face.

Fuck George Noory.
Scrimmjob - 2018-04-14
Art was a gem, and no one would have been able to replace him, but goddamn George Noory sucks.

Ugh - 2018-04-15
yeah it was frustrating when i'd tune in only to hear george noory or ian punnett

may it's just rose-tinted, but art felt like a host and his replacements tended to feel more like co-hosts next to an empty chair

rip taco bell

teethsalad - 2018-04-14
i had a 8th grade science teacher who would ramble on for 30-45 minutes at a time about things he'd heard about on art bell as if they were gospel truth

so thanks, art bell, for helping us to derail a legitimate science class into multiple lectures on chupacabras
teethsalad - 2018-04-14

forgot stars

discodracula - 2018-04-14
That sounds awesome, when my teachers went off on rants, it was always about Jesus or bible prophecy.

teethsalad - 2018-04-14
the guy used to be a former minister so while he was a little off he was waaaaay more interesting than most teachers

all you had to do was mention chupacabras or area 51 and he would just go

Scrimmjob - 2018-04-14
He died on Friday the 13th, seems appropriate.
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