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Rangoon - 2018-04-17

I can already taste the trans-fats.

jangbones - 2018-04-17

"inject directly into your goiter"

cognitivedissonance - 2018-04-17

You can’t even make out the macaroni, it’s just a bowl of bland mild cheddar.

betabox - 2018-04-17

Yeah, that's a LOT of cheese sauce (made with whole milk and heavy cream) for a little bit of macaroni.

Marlon Brawndo - 2018-04-18

I'm pretty sure this woman is turning into a blobfish.

Hooker - 2018-04-17

Serves one.

betabox - 2018-04-17

With a side of fishsticks and (inexplicably) Brussels Sprouts.

SolRo - 2018-04-18

That's what makes it health food! Or even Sarah has learned a painful lesson about eating -some- fiber.

Maggot Brain - 2018-04-17

Every breath is a labor.

Callamon - 2018-04-17

3 stars because this recipe sucks, no mustard powder? Practically no pepper. You gotta boil and rinse the starch off your noodles. Fucking mild chedder? Also needs panko.

I do agree with having a healthy sauce to noodle ratio though. I hate a dry mac and cheese, you gotta give it the sauce so it's perfect about the third time your reheat it.

This ain't health food fucking make it good. Serving size, 1/2 cup.

cognitivedissonance - 2018-04-18

The lack of mustard, paprika, diced onions and breadcrumbs just baffles me. Macaroni and cheese without the spice is insane.

I am firmly pro-noodle over cheese. The sauce should be as minimal as possible. Hell, just use some cream of mushroom and mix that with the grated cheese, no point doing the roux and cream. I had this gratin kugel thing at Disney World last month, it was definitely on my preferred more noodles than cheese scale.

badideasinaction - 2018-04-18

Mac and Cheese is not "cheese sauce with noodles", especially not mild cheddar. I once made a "old cheddar only" mac an cheese as an experiment and even with old cheddar it was just this bland mass.

The flavor jumps out if you add some spices, saute some garlic/onions into it or brown some meat (a bit of sausage, ground whatever, pork belly etc) and use that fat to make the roux for the cheese sauce. My pork belly mac and cheese with carolina reaper pepper would kill me if I ate it all the time, but damn is it good.

It's not ever gonna be health food, but if I'm going to eat a ton of calories, I'm going to eat it on something actually good, not just for shoveling bland fat in my mouth.

badideasinaction - 2018-04-18

Also, mix your cheeses. Red Leicester, Gruyere, Stilton, something smoked. Cheddar is the filler, then pick two others and use that together.

cognitivedissonance - 2018-04-18

Bacon that shit up, dog.

yogarfield - 2018-04-18

All good points, but:

DICED ONIONS COGGY? Explain this sin against mac n cheese texture.

Oh my word, my love for you might have just gone right out the door.

cognitivedissonance - 2018-04-19

I like onions, ok?

Nominal - 2018-04-17

8 years and I still can't get over the EAR FAT.

Braze - 2018-04-17

I wonder what it feels like to have your skin so far from your bones

betamaxed - 2018-04-18

Scientists of all backgrounds needs to study how this woman is still alive.

SolRo - 2018-04-18

High intake of chemical preservatives?

Spaceman Africa - 2018-04-18

id eat it

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