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Desc:Stay woke bitches
Tags:obama, Jordan Peele
Submitted:Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
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Comment count is 18
betamaxed - 2018-04-17
Can obama run for president again it it's just a cgi facemapped avatar of him? If so there might be hope for us in 2020.
dairyqueenlatifah - 2018-04-17
Xenocide - 2018-04-18
Trump is immune to this sort of thing, as it can only harm leaders who have dignity.
SolRo - 2018-04-18
It can harm us though.

Someone may start putting out videos that make trump sound smart and reasonable, fooling the idiotic swing voters for 2020.

You People Are Idiots - 2018-04-18
if that message aint 'sorry i droned all those kids
kept multiple wars goin and kept gitmo open'
then he can fuck the fuck off and stay there
oh and take the DNC, GOP and piss prez with him

dems 2020: we just can't get enough of losing so heres another mealy mouth blueblood ivy leaguer :::republican enough:::: to please the fuckin retard '''''''''centrist''' brigade

will he suck off wall st as eagerly as those before?
golly gosh u betcha sirs!
Simillion - 2018-04-18
I read this argument and I hear "Sorry I didn't save the world and was your chocolate Jesus." Well he doesn't need to apologize to me for that. Unlike your stupid asses I was fine with the status quo and accepted a bit of mediocrity in my president. After all he was given more shit by the other branches of government than was really deserved, naturally he couldn't get Senate backing for most of his goals.

Seriously, the "Obama and Hillary were shit" argument is old and isn't a solution to any of the actual problems we had or have. Vote in some decent fucking politicians in your local government and get some better senators and house reps in there. I think grooming Elizabeth Warren for the seat or getting Bernie a solid vice presidential partner that balances out his shortcomings would be a better use of your time no?

You People Are Idiots - 2018-04-18
''''''''I read this argument and I hear''

theres ur problem.
no one wanted him 2 be the 'choc jesus' but mayb
people still blowin him so hard after 8 years
of hope n change taste real bitter if u live in one of
the countries where the drones casually merced ur
kids, or your uncle got waterboarded in gitmo, ur
fam got IED pureed for nothing, or hell
the dhs kettled n caged you like a rat under
mr hopey change ya kno? but at least he was a nice
speaker n shit, fuck that.
im sick of this nostalgia shit for the ppl who made
this bed we lie in just as much as the current clown in office
who rolls about soakin it with hooker piss

as for getting decent politicains good luck gettin traction
when the DNC is gonna do its damdest to nerf any1
even slightly scary for their fave focus group of repubs
who they been chasing as a voting bloc since the 60s.
You seen the clown kennedy they're rolling out?
theres no principle the dems wont toss in order to please repubs
obama was a perf example, 8 years of 'reachin cross the aisle'
whatd it get us? look around
he could have stood up any time but instead we got 8 fuckn years
of mr nice guy and nah it wasnt """""""just""" because the rep house blocked him
not buyin that one bit and neither shld anyone with sense

You People Are Idiots - 2018-04-18
"Unlike your stupid asses I was fine with the status quo"

dems 2020 right there
no skin in the game
no change required
326+ million of us
ahh fuck it im alright jack pull up the ladder

until dems get th fucccc over holding pattern
no principle politics aimin only to win
and never 2 improve the lot of the REST OF US
they will fuckin lose an lose n lose again

soon as that first drop off the pedestal happens
u'll be down here with the rest of us
maybe it'l be healthcare, maybe a riot
maybe mental illness or a loss of job
but the fuckn status quo isn't viable
for MOST of our fella americans

Simillion - 2018-04-18
Are you from such an oppressed country yourself? Did you want Obama to completely reverse foreign policy decisions that had been set firmly in place by Bush and Clinton? Are you actually ignorant of the reality that the United States is an oppressive empire State that uses flimsy political excuses to essentially corner a niche market of opium, oil, and to have a massive market to sell guns to?

Obama couldn't just stop all those aspects of our economy dead cold. He was trying to build a new focus for our economy by putting more money into green energy and by trying to ensure our other main products, entertainment and internet based commerce, continued to grow steadily in the hopes of replacing our unethical gun and oil trades. He stopped the keystone Pipeline project as long as long as he was president. He did continue to use drones but he wasn't the one who developed them or started the wars they were used in. He felt an obligation to continue military activities because those areas truly were destabilized shit holes, but they weren't destabilized by him.

I am not nostalgic for Obama, dude. I know he is gone and I don't agree with other posters here that we should just "reskin" him or whatever and continue his exact policy style. I do however think that some of his efforts should be continued and currently they are being retardedly ignored by current leadership.

If you come from those countries who suffer from bombings and other truly evil shit that you describe, I am sorry that wealthy military contractors and weapons manufacturers own the government so hard that they continue to orchestrate wars that allow their sick products to be used. Answer two questions for me though: if you do hate these things as much as you claim, are you working with our young people to fight for gun control to at least reduce the murder market in the US or are you actually clutching a rifle in your basement right now? And, if you hate wars overseas are you or are you not angry as hell that Trump is essentially blocking refugee movement left and right, even deporting people who did make it out of their warzones right back to the hells they escaped?

You People Are Idiots - 2018-04-18
""""Obama couldn't just stop all those aspects of our economy dead cold. """

Yemen, Libya and syria. 3 wars added on top of W's unending 4.
shoulda wound bush' 4 wars down but he adds 3 more
I dont buy that his hands were tied he was still the fuckin prez
and he owns all that death
thats on him he was not a bystander
i mean the guy ran on a pledge to end W's wars ffs
instead we got 3 more
oh and that pledge to help iraqi refugees? nada
guys a constituiton lawyer and he cant find a way
2 get past a gop congress blocking? BS.

"fight for gun control to at least reduce the murder market in the US"""'

yup. got rid of a bunch of my own guns
and convinced some local range dudes 2 do same

"""are you not angry as hell that Trump is essentially blocking refugee movement left and right, even deporting people""""

also yup.
any1 but trump chuds happy abt that?

bawbag - 2018-04-18
"the fuckn status quo isn't viable
for MOST of our fella americans"

5 for accuracy.

Simillion - 2018-04-18
Joblessness is factually the lowest it has been. Try again with the "most fellow Americans aren't down the the status quo". We are the wealthiest country in the world. You simultaneously hate on Obama for making the rest of the world shittier and bitch that you don't have it good comparitively yourself.

We need to address wealth inequality, yes. Supporting repubs like Trump with tax cuts for the rich is not going to help "the rest of us."

Anyway I need to go to work soon. I hope you find a better life situation, fella. Don't fuck up another election for us though, please. We can't afford to keep fucking it up.
You People Are Idiots - 2018-04-18
"Joblessness is..."

not the problem
i work dude, so do most of the brokest ppl i kno
it's not about jobs ((and thats b4 u get to the status
of those jobs the pay the conditoins and the rest)
'joblessness' is accounting speak, in treal world terms
its the entire rotten fuckin status quo and system
the dems want to band aid that
i wouldnt buy a car in the sorta condition they want
us 2 accept a democracy again neihter should any1 w/sense

they offer nothin to the actual poor, or workin poor
nothin to the middle class rep voters they crave
nothin to the world who r gettn bombed regardless
nice words and focus group marketin all they got
and a sudden shaky middle class now suddenly feelin
1 whisker of what weve been living decades!!!!
tellin us vote for our guy
because the alternative is worse.........well
that aint gonna cut it come 2020
and guys currently moanin were gonna lose
''''them'''''an election are pointin the fingers in the wrong
direction same as usual while makin demands that
we bend just a lil more at the spine

2020 dems lose again
who wins wont even matter
and dems will fail again 2 see
they done it 2 themselves

Simillion - 2018-04-18
I don't disagree with pretty much all your points but I am not really hearing any alternative solutions either. Got any?

As for your question to me about guns, never owned any, don't know anyone who ever did. I live in a state with a lot of strict gun control laws so we naturally are ranked 43rd in terms of number of gun violence despite having all the things Trump claims lead to violence: a high minority population (whites are the minority compared to all other combined "minority" groups), multiple urban centers and high economic divides.

I hear you saying that you and your lot are still behind and suffering because your jobs are shitty and what is available isn't any better. So let me ask you a few things:

Did you complete higher education? If so, did it seem to improve your economic bottom line or not? Did the expense of education pose a challenge?

Is your state selling out the job market to what incentives the big corporations have? Are Unions powerful and influential in your work environment or are they oppressed or non-existent?

Did you train for one kind of job but end up having to work in another field?

Tell me more about your situation so I can understand why you are so dissatisfied with "Dems."

As for me? Liberal policies such as subsidized higher education and better healthcare access and other things that I generally associated with prior Democratic policies have only helped me, and I come from lower class background (multiple bankruptcies through high school. I got started with adult life at a community college working part time on the side. My parents never finished college. My dad had terrible addiction problems.) So again, the way I see it all the hatred of Democratic policies is unfounded. I had to work my ass off to get where I am and have been told very bluntly by my bosses that I am a self made person.

So have you actually done any work at all to help yourself? Or are you an under performing shitheel who expects results and handouts given to them? Did you put in endless hours of work and study to get anywhere or are you just wanting the government to give you a fancy job and car?

I won't jump to conclusions about you but your fucking writing level kind if suggests to me that you never gave a fuck about school and therefore never really earned qualifications to participate in a modern economy. Go ahead and prove me wrong, if you are so fucking sure of your stance here.

Sudan no1 - 2018-04-18
5 for Simillion, I am sick of dumb ass hippies who will be fine with sabotaging an imperfect dem for 5 more years of utter Trump hell.

Sudan no1 - 2018-04-18
*4 more years

but who knows, Trump is literally a fascist. Thanks green party voters!

You People Are Idiots - 2018-04-18
fuckin lmao u think the green party
gave u trump? jeez loueez You People.

"imperfect dem"""""
it turns out u have to offer people at
the bottom better than more of teh same
kick in the balls they got for decades
of spineless dems and rethuglicans

who coulda thunk of it or 4 seen that
''well shes better than this guy but barely'''
wasnt a winnin strategy?
stein with barely 1% of the popular vote
yeah damn, if only shrillbaby cunton could have
got that 1.06% and shit lmao fuckn loon

ask urself why so fuckin few Americans
even bother fuckin vote any more

wheres the croc tears for those who didnt
and couldnt vote????

You People Are Idiots - 2018-04-18
as 4 simillion
your last post there
PERFECT example of why
not a fuckin one of us will
ever vote for the candidate
your kind endorse

defo convinced me dems
an their voters have my interest
at heart, ya fukin sure guy 100%

" I had to work my ass off to get..."
"are you an under performing shitheel"
"I won't jump to conclusions about you but..."
"your fucking writing level"
"you never gave a fuck about school and therefore never really earned qualifications"
"to participate in a modern economy"

"""lower class background""""""""
oh man i bet u brownbagged ur lunch and everythin
fuckin truly humbled by ur ghandi like ascetic upbringn n shit
lmao neck urself along with the maga fags mr never tasted government cheese, mr fuckin time 4 community college, mr bootstraps myth
swallowd whole and puked up when wantin 2 act holier than thou

As for answerin all those constipated questions, hell naw
my (paid for!!!!1)education is good enough 2 see through fuckin
all of u dems who hide ur loathing of the poor until
times like these where u feel 1 iota of the pinch we get and
out come the fuckin knives. regular as clockwork

the evil fuck rethuglicunts hate just as fuckin much but 2 their credit
they stopped even fuckin pretendin otherwise
dems 2020 u lose again and tbh u fuckin deserve it
u will continue to deserve it with this shit attitude yall have
to those u think beneath u

see for us this trump shit is no worse
nothin to lose here when ur balls r in the vice alraedy
u fucks in the suburbs (mentally or physicaly) tho......

welcome to the real America, ur new normal!
heres YOUR free kick in the nuts and dogshit to eat
enjoy! have a nice fuckin day bitch

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