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Desc:He looks like a scrub.
Category:General Station
Tags:that 70s show, these tags suck, nothing happens, horrible sitcom infinity, Topher Grace
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Comment count is 9
he says 'cant'. is there some contractual thing?
Might be. I’ve heard SAG has limits on free autographs, especially memorabilia, or he may have been contracted by a company to sign X prints for that show and he’s not allowed to sign others.

That or it’s a polite way of saying “that’s not a personal autograph, that’s clearly meant for resale”.

"Could you make it 'To eBay'?"

Scientology may be a factor.

Seven Arts/H8 Red
I wonder if a Kurtwood Smith autograph has more value than a Topher Grace autograph. The Hollywood star system says no, but it's not Grace making Smith look tolerable.
I'd rather have Kurtood's. He was in Robocop. His resume is way better than Tophers.

blue vein steel
Cena is right. Clarence Boddicker is much more culturally significant than Eric Foreman.

If I had the chance to get Kurtwood Smith's autograph, I'd ask him to write "What is this shiiiiiiiiiit" on whatever he was signing.

infinite zest
I know it's 2018 and all but he could still throw grenades at my coke party, if you know what I mean..

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