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Desc:official video created by the LDS to explain The Garment
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:Mormons, magic underwear, temple garment, garment, get woke
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Comment count is 10
They forgot the "Magic" part in the title.
Marlon Brawndo
I sometimes wish I'd been raised Mormon. I am chronically depressed and they're all so damn happy.
I would not prefer happiness over realism.

But if you became an ex-Mormon you'd likely be even more unhappy.

Jet Bin Fever
Trust me, they're not that happy. It's all a manufactured image.

Jet Bin Fever
I wore these at one point for a short period of time. My wife did too. It negatively affected our sex life and our marriage. She wore them longer than me., even though hers were far worse than mine.
Long story short, we left the church shortly after we got married and are doing really well. She still goes to therapy for issues related to her upbringing but is doing well adjusting.
My girlfriend is going to be recovering from a JW upbringing for a long time. Possibly forever.

Mormons and JW's seem like all fun and games until you start hearing about what goes on behind the scenes. They're significantly less funny after you start hearing real-life stories of pedophilia being covered up by the "elders".

Jet Bin Fever
Oh, and this video is also pretty historically significant because its the first time that the church publicly showed the "Temple Garments".
Jet Bin Fever
maybe saying "historically" is a stretch. Because no one outside the church gives a shit.

Maggot Brain
Mormon porn seems to be on the rise as of late. It is so unsexy.
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