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Desc:italian student's final project for animation school.
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:cute, calvin, hobbes
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Comment count is 47
I certainly hope he got a good job based on this. Great voice for Calvin!
Comrade Admiral
One derivative work that ALMOST makes up for all the pissing Calvins out there.
"corrosive liquids of doggy origins." This is pure love.
Big Name Celebrity
I'm trying to get banned so I can re-register this as my user ID.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I almost teared up watching this. I want to meet this guy and shake his hand.
There are not enough stars in the galaxy for this.
I'm glad C&H was never adapted into a cartoon, but as an animated short this is excellent.
Calvin & Hobbes is one of those things that falls under the "Required Reading" category.
The art, animation, and writing were totally spot-on.
I wonder if Mr. Waterson himself ever saw this?
Apparently so. It's no longer available.

I never thought an animated version of C&H would work, but I've been proven wrong it seems.
They said it couldn't be done, but here it is: AN animated Calvin and Hobbes
It gots HEART.
Holy beans. That was so terrific, it ruined my ability to swear.
Better animated than most professional stuff on TV, and Calvin is written perfectly.
In America, Universal Press Syndicate would sue this man and he would get fined thousands of dollars
This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by a third party.

these days they'd just fill him with ritalin and tell him to shut up
I disagree with the voice, but everything else is perfection.
They said animated C&H couldn't be done...
The genius here is that his imagination is in color and real life isn't.
Dammit Bill, why you do this thing? WHY FOR YOU COPYRIGHT CLAIM HIM
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j lzrd / swift idiot
It doesn't work. Buy the goddamned comic books.
5 stars for your hypocrisy (i know what youre going to say to this but whatever)

Mayberry Pancakes
Something about the inbetweens turns me off. Amazing voice acting and script, though.
I didn't care for the voice, but everything else is fantastic.
I'll have to take that tiny step out in to pharia-land and confess that i'll always have and always will hate that godawful fucking abomination Calvin & Knob-bes. How come everything that's spurned and hated (with good reason) in emo-culture is worshipped as romantic and intellectual in
C&H? Sensitive artist with an artsy-fartsy air of "OMG LIEK TOTALLY NOT SLELLING OUT TOO BIG COMPNAYS!1", An uncomfortable sense of furryness over the comics (no friends so the kid fantasies his fucking plush tiger comes to life and talks to him? If Bill wasnt such a "the man"-hating, proud communist warrior he'd undoubtably would have snuck a couple of Sonic-references in there.)
And to top it all of the crowd-pleaser: "OMG LIEK HIS PARENTSS TOTLALLY DOENST UNDERSTAND HIM!"
Because Calvin & Hobbes is funny and thoughtful, whereas you and your emo's are annoying, loud, unfunny, untalented, annoying, stupid, overly proud of yourself for no reason, and worthless.

Pretty straightforward.

Also the link is broken, so I give hating you 5 stars.

j lzrd / swift idiot
I'm sorry you were born some time in the late LATE 80's, Asshole Douchebag ("THAT'S THE MIDDLE NAME, YOU CAN SHORTEN IT TO JUST D.") McDickinass-Coxmouth, but Calvin & Hobbes was a comic strip you would have had to have lived in the time to have understood, you little juvie punk.

I'm sorry that one day you never woke up on a sunday morning to see your favorite Sunday morning color strip portraying a dead sparrow, lesson being all things die in a shoebox if they're lucky. I'm sorry you never blew a bubblegum balloon so huge that when it burst it seemed like your face exploded. I'm sorry you never pulled the emergency brake on your parent's car and had it roll down the driveway into oncoming traffic only to crash into the creek across the front lawn, and I'm sorry your parents never held you and you never felt amazed that they didn't care about the car, only that you were safe and unhurt.

Go read your fucking Penny Arcade or VGCats or Achewood or Sluggy Freelance or Gone With The Blast Wave, you worthless philistine piece of shit. I hope when your parents die, you have to bury them or scatter their ashes knowing that they never had faith in you to be a soul worth it's wieght in carbon.

Why exactly is Achewood listed in there with the rest of that crap?

Yeah yeah yeah. Do you usually sit at your work daydreaming that your a dinosaur? Suck my balls.
What... you don't?

What age do you think Calvin is portrayed as?

BTW For the horribly retarded, that was meant for theSnake.
Wow. You're not very smart.

Yeah, you seem to be an idiot.

Wow, usually I disagree with theSnake because he always seems so ITGish, but he's pretty spot on here.

That made me smile uncontrollably.
I dig it. I want at least two sequels. Spaceman Spiff and something about the snowmen.
Finally, I got to see this one.

It did not disappoint.
Tom Collins
Go on, take the stars.
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