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Desc:The whole show summed up in almost 2 minutes.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:90s, animation, Ren and Stimpy, nickelodeon, billy west
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BHWW - 2018-04-28
Funnily enough, I have been reading Thad Komorowski's "Sick Little Monkeys" the unofficial account of Ren and Stimpy where he interviewed a lot of the people involved except for Kricfalusi and some of the people who worked for Spumco studio who refused. In the revised edition he included a email he received from John Kricfaulsi vaguely threatening him to stop with this book.

Written from in-depth interviews from friends and colleagues of John Kricfalusi (as well as his own words that have been documented all over the internet), it provided more than enough evidence that John K. enjoys twisting the truth to fit his self-serving agenda, since the book practically overflows with plenty of stories about how much everyone hated working with him – though these former co-workers never deny his skill and brilliance at animation. Komorowski lets John K. dig his own grave with various quotes and accounts that stand as extreme contradictions to John K.’s portrayal of himself as a martyr at the hands of heartless animation executives, noting that despite what some Spumco employees claimed, the the executives at Nickelodeon lack of worldliness was not the source of all of the show's problems, though their naivety was what allowed them to accept the Spumco lifestyle and allow it to run unchecked during the first season because R & S was a breakout hit and they were afraid to tinker with it too much at the time.

They were relatively toothless compared to "the truly meddlesome people in broadcast television; suits at focus groups and competing networks, who often relished abusing animation artists."

Also covered in depth is the Games Animation era and all of the problems and conflicts then, including the initial waves of hatred from others in the industry the former Spumco employees who chose to work there got, people having bought Kricfalusi's take. As Komorowski noted, even after Kricfalusi was fired "The cartoons were always late, both before and after the takeover.".

Such a rollercoaster to read.
Spit Spingola - 2018-04-28
That book has so much horrifying stuff in it. I love Ren & Stimpy and it's a tough read. Also since the pedophilia allegations (feels wrong to call them allegations when there's photographic evidence and his own fucking lawyer admits he likes underage girls) I've also heard a lot of stories from artists about John K. hiring them to work on projects and then refusing to pay. He reminds me of Trump.

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