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Desc:He needs to work out his forearms
Category:Educational, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Nazis, cowards, alt-right, keks
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Comment count is 32
You've worked so hard! We've done it together!
All my stars goes to the hecklers. They are masters at their craft.

That was beautiful.
Oooof. It's painful like when white people call black people uncle tom. 5 stars
Don't go defending those Toms.

Quit saying 'Uncle Toms,' you fucking idiot.

I'm not supposed to use that word? Even on Colion Noir?

I wouldn't. Lots of people suffer from cognitive dissonance and dumb opinions, I don't think you should bring race into your criticism, especially justifiable criticism. I don't think you're a racist or an asshole, but if I hadn't known you, I would definitely assume so. I mean, it's not far off from calling someone a house nigger. It's a label that seems especially arrogant and hypocritical when tossed around by liberals.

I'm being genuine. Just might want to rethink that one, m8.

What if its Colion Noir doing the Carton?

Not seen: he posted video of himself working out to beat up liberals shortly before.
This guy would piss his pants if someone darker than a paper bag shouted at him.

He did like five push-ups in a video titled "WATCH OUT ANTIFA."

A mighty man indeed!

Marlon Brawndo
This reminds me of a MADTV skit.


He is in for a beating in the clubhouse for his manchild fight club after this.
Caminante Nocturno
This video would have been perfect if a woman had come by and torn the sign for him.
Nah, a Tranny. Like if RuPaul walked up and just ripped it and said "there you go, Snowflake" and then walked away while something exploded behind him.

The Mothership
That's downtown Seattle.
Brace yourself as the full power of the master race is unleashed.
Binro the Heretic
One of those situations when giving up sooner would have been more dignified.
blue vein steel
The idea of folding it in half and putting it in the trashcan seems completely beyond him.

I'm actually surprised at how well he handled the situation. Between his utter failure and the hecklers, I'd have expected a full-on breakdown including crying and flailing.

Also: I'd never heard of these "proud boys" until now, but apparently (in addition to not masturbating), they need to get punched by others until they can name 5 cereals? Is this a case of Wikipedia bombing? Either way, it's fascinating.

Best comment so far:

Spiro Corbett
13 hours ago
Everyone knows this group is a DNC funded street team. this is a fake.
If he jerked off once in awhile he'd probably be able to rip it.

I went out of my way to go heckle Proud Boys on May Day, and probably ended up on some of their vlogs. I actually saw this fuckstick in real life, so this makes me incredibly happy.
When looking for this video on youtube I came across videos where the Proud Boys were proclaiming victory, yet this will be the most memorable image from that event. It's a clear defeat because of this sad little man.

I'm not really sure how the hell they could claim a victory, as it was a seriously pathetic turnout. They teamed up with Patriot Prayer (another band of dipshits based in Portland), and together they did their best impression of a walking, talking Youtube comment section. At least they got the name right, they're certainly not men.

These types will ALWAYS claim victory. Reality is not an obstacle.

Should add that the video is now down via a copyright claim by VICE which is absolutely hilarious. I assume everyone is in the know, but Gavin McInnes the dumb fuck that co-founded VICE, then went on to start Proud Boys.
I was pretty sure Gavin got spooked after the Charlottesville thing last year, and disowned, or at least majorly distanced himself from the proud boys. I could be wrong, since I'd be seriously surprised that the proud boys would still be a thing if their aging hipster god king wasn't there to provide them with talking points to parrot.

He's an attention whore, and the only thing that spooks him is losing followers. I can't think of anyone else who has managed to ring the Dumb Fucking Cunt Bell from both extremes of the political spectrum.

He didn't distance himself from the proud boys, but he claimed the proud boys were Nazis.

Marlon Brawndo
I saw this a few days ago. It's so amazingly satisfying.
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