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Desc:Unlike every other unmarried woman, who is just a worthless slut.
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:cognitive dissonance, Lauren Southern, no not that cognitivedissonance, conservative logic
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Comment count is 8
I laughed when The Blaze fired her, yet it's probably the best thing to happen to her career. The Blaze is a sinking ship, because Glenn Beck was a Never Trumper.
Whoops, confused her for Tomi Lahren. Eh, they're pretty much the same. Two fascist Barbi dolls.

Maggot Brain
Why is her father letting her talk?
Maggot Brain
also, it's pronounced "in-ahn-dated" not "in-Un-dated"

John Holmes Motherfucker
No one understands the nuances and complexities of life like a 22 year old white kid.
She pulls the 'im 22 btw' 3 times in this.

No one thinks they understand the nuances and complexities of life like a 22 year old white kid.

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