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Desc:Magneto has gone senile!
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Garbage, cartoons, fantastic four
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Comment count is 9
The Mothership
The wooden gun trick is a great trick.
Your puss ain't so hot either!
At his most drunk, Ben Grimm would frequently refer to Sue Storm as “your puss” when in verbal altercations with Reed Richards.

Magneto is sundowning again.
Magneto can fly, so he must have built that entire car just so he could go around scaring gas station employees.

that whole magneto bit is like something straight out of Aqua Teen Hunger Force
i love this hot mess so much

also good lord, i'm familiar enough with herbie but i didnt realize he subbed for torch due to rights issues

it really makes me wonder if constantin/universal are going to officially sell their rights back (if they haven't, universal seems to be a bit of a "who knows" situation afaict) to disney if/when the fox deal goes thru
Two Jar Slave
Takes guts to make a Fantastic Four show with only three characters; I'll give them that.

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