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Desc:Time capsule first 5 minutes. Mildly NSFW
Category:General Station
Tags:90s, 1992, titties, token black guy, gun n roses
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 7
Growing up I had no idea what the appeal of this band was to people who enjoyed them at the time. Why would you even pay money to have this screechy drug addict spit stream of conscious nonsense at you as seen at the @20:00 mark? Just go start up a conversation with someone living under freeway underpass for free.
blue vein steel
There is a good Axl rant at around 18:00. GNR isn't really my thing, musically, but i still admire good showmen, and I would have loved to see them live on this tour.

also, 3 hours? I refuse to believe they played an entire set.
The Mothership
Love the Spin Magazine jab at 1:12:00
Mullets everywhere
I just love they played NIN before the show and everyone was singing along
infinite zest
Back when I was in college, my ex-wife dragged me to a free Better Than Ezra Campus Concert. This was like 2004 and if they ever made an impact it was long before that. But it was free so the quad was PACKED with mostly-freshmen who probably weren't old enough to even remember them on the radio like I (unfortunately) did. Anyway, the pre-show music was Andrew WK and The Darkness and the kids were just partying like no tomorrow, singing and moshing along to the PA System, and then were pretty much silent and started leaving by the time an ACTUAL BAND made it to the stage.

Hell, it was my loss though, as I had to stay and pretend that I liked them.

NIN opened for them on part of the tour:


Trent says they were his worst shows for his worst audience, because he's in denial about NIN being a flavor of macho arena rock too.

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