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Desc:Indiana Jones once again confronts 'Panama Hat' over the Cross of Coronado.
Category:Classic Movies, Nature & Places
Tags:Indiana Jones, tag suggestions welcome
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Comment count is 9
This, and Jurassic Park, marked the last effortlessly weightless Spielberg films.
Yeah, Hook really beats that philosophical meat.

"No, your mom belongs in a museum, and I'm going to visit her everyday!"
Two Jar Slave
And I'm gonna hit that special temporary exhibit, if you know what I mean, and I'm gonna get that senior's discount, if you know what I mean.

Really, all religion belongs in a museum.
infinite zest
In Soviet Russia, Museum belongs IN YOU

YOU belong in a museum, Harrison Ford! Because you're a national treasure!

One day Nicholas Cage will steal you!
Marlon Brawndo
Too bad there's only ONE of you because that means you have to act SOLO.

infinite zest
Can I get a Witness

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