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baleen - 2007-05-26

This is both extremely sad and extremely funny.

halon - 2007-05-26

How could anyone rate this less than 5 stars?

Stog - 2007-05-26


NoCode - 2007-05-26

I feel so sorry for its confused little sheep brain, but I can't stop laughing at it.

Blackbetta - 2007-05-26

Skeletor messed with the Sorceress for the last time.

jrr - 2007-05-26

The Grim Sheeper.

jaunch - 2007-05-27


tamago - 2007-06-18

Even if the video had sucked, I would have given this five stars just for that comment alone.

Gamara II - 2007-05-26

This is how I feel always.

Pie Boy - 2008-07-12

The sheep is probably a Third.

A filthy, bugger-loving Third.

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