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Desc:Step up to multimedia!
Category:Science & Technology, Advertisements
Tags:90s, circuit city, Packard Bell
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Comment count is 7
Will it play 7th Guest? If not, not interested.
infinite zest
It would've, probably. I played it on my dad's 386 and it was choppy AF but playable. Decades of actual-system-requirements-being-met later, I've never touched that fucking game and probably never will again.

infinite zest
DOOM wads, that's why :)

Chicken the Did
You all are reminding me that both kickstarters to reboot 7th Guest failed (They even found the Stauf actor!) but Mighty No. 9 met its goal. :(

infinite zest
Hmm.. it's 6 bux on Steam, maybe I should let go of my 12-year-old anger. But basically it'd be hard to replicate that frame rate on the intro FMV (probably 2FPS) and whenever a video event occurred you'd see it coming (loading) from a mile away. Like, I was aware that minimum means minimum and my system was running at that par at best, but unlike Wolf3D, DOOM and others, it's REALLY hard to enjoy a (mostly) FMV game in the same way, as you couldn't lower the resolution or play the game at half-screen. Then came the big FMV backlash of the mid-90s, and by the time I built my first PC for MYTH/Unreal, I guess I just never looked back.

My biggest challenge was enabling the right drivers to get this stuff to run pre-pentium (486 AST). I managed to get battle chess to run but I think once I finally upgraded enough to get 7th Guest to run on that thing it was just as iz is describing: lowball settings just to get the game to play.

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