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Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:children, immigration, rachel maddow, human rights, detention center
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Comment count is 21
Right-wing social media is making fun of this clip because they don't understand what human empathy is.
It's weakness!


il fiore bel
That kind of comparison is insulting to the Zentraedi. Many of them were willing to learn.

I like Maddow.
Yeah, I do too. Sometimes her style of reporting kinda annoys me, but she's Good People.

Over the course of her career as a whole I agree, but the last year or so she's been turning into center-left Glenn Beck with the Russian government instead of "globalists" and it's actually kind of a problem because she has a lot of influence and she's going out there and doing stuff like implying Putin is the puppet master behind the PRK negotiations that's just wrong and counterproductive and kind of monomaniacal.

Bienvenidos a Tender-hearts Kindhearted Koncentration Kamp.
She then proceeded to break down six more times in exactly the same way over the next 30min then two more times at the end for good measure.
Ah yes. It's the left who's disingenuous and pandering. Got it.

Sure but I was just saying I tried watching her show once and it was like listening to someone training an animal.

Marlon Brawndo
If that means Rachel Maddow is the Pearl of MSNBC I'm going to watch her more often from now on.

Has she found a way to blame it all on Putin yet?
Even slackwits like Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi have given up denying Russian collusion.

You clearly missed the point of what I was saying.

The nature of the collusion is completely immaterial to the cable networks, especially CNN, doing everything they can to offload all blame for the failures of the DNC and conservative democrats in 2016 onto Putin.

Of course there was some kind of collusion or mutual benefit or business relationship between Trump and some organ of the Russian government. It may even have been one of the many factors that contributed to the loss in 2016, although that hasn't (and likely never will be) established because there were so many factors, many of which were significantly bigger.

The Mueller investigation is very important but the cable news obsession with it is entirely political.

It's no different than these same networks (and papers like the NY Times) scolding protesters and activists for being "uncivil" when they actually materially oppose things like, say, separating families and keeping children in cages.

Why do you the Youtube comments seem so much more level headed than Poetv for this video?

At last Trump doesn't treat the border kids like Obama did.

Shame on those border kids' parents!!!

can you imagine still having the same shit-eating gimmick you had on PoeNews in 2009 and prior?

holy fuck, dude

You People Are Idiots
''At last Trump doesn't treat the border kids like Obama did'''''''

except that's bullshit

http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2018/jun/19/ma tt-schlapp/no-donald-trumps-separation-immigrant-families-was/

Marlon Brawndo
I sense some sarcasm there.

intellectual dishonesty is part of the gimmick
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