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Desc:No clue what this animosity is about.
Category:Educational, Crime
Tags:Sonic The Hedgehog, eggman, Christine Weston Chandler
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Comment count is 13
So much autism in one room, Chris Chan must burn all the brighter to stand out from the crowd.
For those interested in the drama...


He's complaining because they no longer call the character Dr. Robotnick, and for some reason he blames the voice actor for this, because I guess he thinks actors all get to choose the name of their characters.

His Eggman opinion is objectively wrong, and here are my ten reasons why Dr. Eggman is a better name:

1) That Beatles song.

2) Prevents Capcom from creating a Mega Man boss named "Egg Man," which would be stupid.

3-10) I got bored and stopped caring about this.
Nobody who isn't Chris-Chan has ever even thought that much about Dr. Robotnik, he's that much of a non-entity.

Better audio/video

This is the same con where Chris-chan got banned and kicked out for getting too touchy with other con attendees without their consent.

I hope that he gets institutionalized because he does not know how to interact with other humans or manage money.
He already has a lengthy criminal record for physical assaults, including at least one conviction for running someone over with a car. Nothing short of murder will get him a stay at a loony bin and an evaluation at this point. Welcome to American mental health.

I know all about his record. That's why I want him to be committed. He could be in a safe environment where he could doodle Sonichu all day long and not pose any danger to other people.

After all these years of CWC on the internet, I am convinced his mental problems are not profound enough that he does not understand right from wrong and that he actually possesses a degree of self-awareness. There are times he clearly uses his reputation and his problems as a disguise to do shitty things to people and I think, at the end of day, Chris is just a shitty person.

He technically is committed, to the care of his mother, only his mother is not going to put a stop to anything. It's like when they put Richard Chase in his mother's custody.

All he wanted was a Pepsi.

Five million stars for that poor voice actor responding to this both unscathed and with kindness.
CWC always loved backwards names.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Is his mother still alive?
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