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garcet71283 - 2018-06-27

So much autism in one room, Chris Chan must burn all the brighter to stand out from the crowd.

StanleyPain - 2018-06-27

For those interested in the drama...


Xenocide - 2018-06-27

He's complaining because they no longer call the character Dr. Robotnick, and for some reason he blames the voice actor for this, because I guess he thinks actors all get to choose the name of their characters.

His Eggman opinion is objectively wrong, and here are my ten reasons why Dr. Eggman is a better name:

1) That Beatles song.

2) Prevents Capcom from creating a Mega Man boss named "Egg Man," which would be stupid.

3-10) I got bored and stopped caring about this.

cognitivedissonance - 2018-06-27

Nobody who isn't Chris-Chan has ever even thought that much about Dr. Robotnik, he's that much of a non-entity.

Nikon - 2018-06-27

Better audio/video

This is the same con where Chris-chan got banned and kicked out for getting too touchy with other con attendees without their consent.

I hope that he gets institutionalized because he does not know how to interact with other humans or manage money.

Quad9Damage - 2018-06-27

He already has a lengthy criminal record for physical assaults, including at least one conviction for running someone over with a car. Nothing short of murder will get him a stay at a loony bin and an evaluation at this point. Welcome to American mental health.

Nikon - 2018-06-27

I know all about his record. That's why I want him to be committed. He could be in a safe environment where he could doodle Sonichu all day long and not pose any danger to other people.

StanleyPain - 2018-06-27

After all these years of CWC on the internet, I am convinced his mental problems are not profound enough that he does not understand right from wrong and that he actually possesses a degree of self-awareness. There are times he clearly uses his reputation and his problems as a disguise to do shitty things to people and I think, at the end of day, Chris is just a shitty person.

cognitivedissonance - 2018-06-27

He technically is committed, to the care of his mother, only his mother is not going to put a stop to anything. It's like when they put Richard Chase in his mother's custody.

Old_Zircon - 2018-06-27

All he wanted was a Pepsi.

snothouse - 2018-06-27

Five million stars for that poor voice actor responding to this both unscathed and with kindness.

Cena_mark - 2018-06-27

CWC always loved backwards names.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2018-06-29

Is his mother still alive?

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