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cognitivedissonance - 2018-07-01

Idea for a sweet shop:

I Have No Mouth and Must Ice Cream

infinite zest - 2018-07-01

Cogito Ergo Sundae?

StanleyPain - 2018-07-03

This is a really excellent graphical adventure game. One of the best. Not just because of it's theme and storytelling, though it is excellent, but also because of it's extremely interesting use of the "no win scenario" concept of the short story. The game has multiple layers of being "beaten"...you can simply deduce your way out of the scenarios and get to a point where the game ends, but the trick was trying to figure out the ways out of the scenarios which give AM the least satisfaction. I have very fond memories of this one, though it gave me fits occasionally (I remember having a ton of trouble with Nimdok's scenario for some reason).

It's weird how Ellison's death is suddenly bringing this game into popular awareness (I'm seeing mentions and streams of it all over the place). It never really got it's due.

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