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Desc:Directorial debut and swan song of Ilona Staller. NSFW for SERIOUS POITICAL COMMENTARY and pubes.
Category:Classic Movies, Arts
Tags:80s, Italy, schlock, Cicciolina, Zoom
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Comment count is 7
This movie is actually kind of amazing. Despite almost constant nudity it's not actually a porn movie, the best I can do to describe it is "like Jesus Franco directed Miami Connection, but cheaper." There's a bit of an early Donald G Jackson feel sometimes, too.
Also for the Miami Connection angle, you have to replace "cocaine smugglers" with "evil condom magnates" and "kung fu fighting rock band" with "tough Italian women who publish a feminist porn magazine when not stripping and/or kicking ass but mostly stripping" but after those adjustments the similarities become much clearer.

It's also worth pointing out that she made this right in the middle of her term in parliament.

It's also worth noting that just a minute or so before this scene a woman gives the nazi pinnochio statue a lapdance to the instrumental of the theme from The Neverending Story.

That aĺl sounds great but if this is an action sequence I had better pack my nightcap.

That guy
Beaver Squad is GO!
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