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Desc:Cheeky Brits plan to use peaceful protest to greet America's most infamous tweeter
Category:News & Politics, Stunts
Tags:Balloon, baby, london, donald trump, inflatable
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Too skinny
Unless they plan to fill it with boiling oil and drop it on him this isn't going to achieve anything.
Or piss.



Nigel Farage (one of the local fascist media whores -- you know the type) objected, "would they ever insult Obama like this?!" as though this was some clinching argument that LIBTARDS are so UNFAAAIR.

No, "they" wouldn't put up a balloon of a baby Obama with a cell phone, because Obama didn't throw tantrums. Obama loves his country and did his damnedest to live up to the responsibilities of the job.
Trumpers never seem to have a handle on that "equivalency" thing. Also: www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-37934790

My favourite is some local British alt-right did a kickstarter to raise a counter-balloon of a baby Sadiq Khan. Aside from the amusing side note that the dude who raised the money is probably just going to stroll off with it, they miss the whole point that a baby Sadiq is just... well, adorable. Because he's not a shallow cranky tantrum-thrower like a certain US president.

The Khan babby illustrates the ineffectiveness of Khan as mayor; under his tenure London has degenerated into a Mad Max dystopia of acid attacks, roving motorbike gangs, and rape.


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