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Desc:Thanks Obama.
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:immigration, dino, Nothing Changes, Operation Wetback
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Binro the Heretic
In an effort to show he was serious about border security in order to get Republicans to agree to legal immigration reform, President Barack Obama began cracking down on unauthorized border crossings using a "zero tolerance" policy instituted under prior President George W. Bush.

In exchange, President Obama wanted the "Dreamers," non-citizen residents brought into the US by their parents as minors, to have a path to citizenship. He also wanted to make it easier for migrants fleeing violence or disaster to seek asylum in the US and for seasonal guest laborers to re-enter the US after returning home when their work visas expired.

He didn't get any of that.

Instead, what he got was the nickname "Deporter in Chief" and had it thrown back in his face when President Donald Trump came under criticism for his administration's policy of detaining asylum-seekers, seizing their children and using their fear & grief as leverage to get them to agree to leave the US without applying for asylum.

The lesson here is never ever reach across the aisle & try to work with the Republicans. They don't care about right or wrong, good or evil. They just care about "winning." They will get what they want then shit on you as hard as they can & laughingly gloat about it.

Fuck the Republicans.
He tried so hard to make them like him, this young idealistic man; like gaining the trust of a bear by putting your neck in its mouth.

Obama's whole modus operandi was if you keep reaching out to the other side, keep believing the best in them, either you'll find out you can work together, or everyone will see that you've been the reasonable one and that will shame the other side.

It worked with Iran.

It worked with Cuba.

It worked with the insurance companies, amazingly enough.

It worked with the Paris Climate Agreement.

It failed with Russia.

It failed BADLY in Syria.

And it failed with the Republicans.

In other words Binro is completely right. You don't reach across to the fascists. You fight them until they can no longer threaten human decency and our common human future. Perhaps Obama's greatest legacy, besides the memory that there was an America we could be proud of, is showing exactly what the Republican Party has become.

stars for all your comments above

There's a good new article about the Trump Administration's immigration agenda here:

https://splinternews.com/the-eugenicist-doctor-and-the-vast-fo rtune-behind-trump-1827322435

tl;dr it's pretty much the brain child of an elderly opthamologist from Michigan who happens to be married to a Mellon-Scaife heir who shares his obsession with Eugenics, and they've been pouring tens of millions of dollars a year into politics for over 20 years to get the country's pre-WWII eugenics agenda back on track.

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