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Desc:With bonus instructions at the end
Category:Stunts, Advertisements
Tags:steampunk, wrist watch
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Comment count is 11
I thought steampunk was just gluing gears and leather straps to something and painting it brass colored
The Mothership
This is technically an 'automaton', I think, and is a different classification of clockwork, so a different breed of wristwatch. So speaketh the watch nerd. Still neato!
It's not an automaton, it's an Arduino board and a little servo motor from the look of it.

Steampunk sucks, but I respect the drive people have to put so much effort into the things they make even it disgusts me, and it's always nice when somebody makes something steampunk-y that I don't reflexively hate (like this).
It's funny, I almost replied to this with a joke about how I agree but most Steampunk stuff doesn't even fulfill that, it's just an arduino board in a box with some cogs.

And then I watched the video.

And it's an Arduino in a box with some cogs, more or less.

This is like getting a wide mouth jar and putting a toy ship in it and then saying you made a ship in a bottle.

Steam punk is more about aesthetic than function. You could paint and iPhone brass and glue on some cogs and make it steam punk.

Steam punk is dumb.

What's wrong with you guys? Steampunk is awesome and this watch is amazing.

"Steampunk is awesome" stop trolling, Enjoy >:(

Steampunk is about pretending Victorian-age tech never left. There were watches in Victorian times. This thing is just dumb.

5 stars!
I guess this is just meant to be a digital clock for victorian times.

Steampunk is more like Victorian flavored sci-fi fantasy

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