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Desc:I'm finally watching this on strength of the FFHouse connection. It is hilariously bad.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:stupid, cello, Hannibal
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Comment count is 18
Chancho - 2018-07-11
It's an incredibly dumb show with excellent lighting and videography.
Nominal - 2018-07-11
It got popular in a time before weirdos had Tom Hiddleston to masturbate to.

Old_Zircon - 2018-07-11
I actually think the videography is kind of bland, to be honest.

Old_Zircon - 2018-07-11
Also I guess they hired the Franzia graphic design team to do the credits.


Nominal - 2018-07-11
Looks like our killer...

( •_•)>⌐■-■

...struck a chord.
TeenerTot - 2018-07-11
tee hee!

boner - 2018-07-11
Scott Thompson has a story about being on this show. On his new standup album which is OUT NOW
cognitivedissonance - 2018-07-11
I side by “Gotham” as the Beer-Guzzling Philistine’s Idea Of The Thinking Man’s Puzzle Box Network Drama. Human Cello has nothing on Riddler and Penguin’s torrid gay romance/mafia war against Gordon’s Crazy Ex/Azrael’s Lesbian Sister Who Is Black against Literal Pedophile Mad Hatter against The Joker Who Is Actually A Demonic Thought Form That Is Actually The Real Joker’s Twin Brother Nobody Ever Knew About. Oh and Solomon Grundy is somehow the real star of everything.
Old_Zircon - 2018-07-11
Honestly I pulled the trigger to soon on this clip because the next episode had that fucking totem pole made out of corpses and that is so stupid it makes this look subtle. This could at least pass as a watered down, 21st century, Americanized Dario Argento setpiece.

The thing about this show is that it sets its own bar too high by being so relentlessly self important and then miss by a mile. If anything, it takes itself too seriously to push things far enough that it gets interesting.

Anyway, I'm thoroughly enjoying it, of course, because I like trash, and the fanservice is always funny to spot.

Old_Zircon - 2018-07-11
Also you description of Gotham is pretty amazing and I'm pretty sure I like it more than I would actually like the show.

cognitivedissonance - 2018-07-12
Gotham is the Dark Shadows reboot we deserve.

Sexy Duck Cop - 2018-07-11
I was trying to get PoETV to watch Hannibal years ago and of course all the comments are about how intellectually superior everyone is to it.
Sexy Duck Cop - 2018-07-11
Just so we're clear, the fantasy murders were deliberately ridiculous because Bryan Fuller wanted to avoid any form of violence an actual person could relate to--in his words, the "rapey stabbey" thing he found gross and exploitative. Instead, the killers reflect the larger theme of the episode.

This one is literally called "cheese" and ends in a Tae Kwon Do brawl. That should be a big fucking clue right there.
Old_Zircon - 2018-07-11
The fantasy murders are one thing, but the fact is this entire episode really IS about an insane violin maker who turns a person into a human cello, that's not part of the fantasy sequence. And it's treated 100% seriously.

Which is hilarious.

Hooker - 2018-07-11
There are reasons for the decisions in all bad things.

Sexy Duck Cop - 2018-07-12
You're completely missing the point. Bryan Fuller is being ridiculous deliberately. He has a great sense of humor, regularly interacts with his fans, and instructs his directors to "pretend you're making a pretentious student film". Criticizing Hannibal for being unrealistic or fantastical is like critiquing the physics of a Road Runner cartoon.

And that's the point: Hannibal isn't exclusively ABOUT fantasy; it IS fantasy, and uses fantasy both as excuse to create surreal and beautiful images that supplement the emotional core of the story.

Nominal - 2018-07-12
So how does this compare to first season Dexter?

Now how does it compare to final season Dexter?
Sexy Duck Cop - 2018-07-19
This is such a loaded question. Nothing will ever compare to the surrealistic genius of Season 8 of Dexter. That shit was operating on the level of the Monolith in 2001. Season 8 of Dexter is what would happen if he punched the Mona Lisa 80% of the way into finishing her portrait and said "Fuck it, I'm doing TV now. The last season of Dexter is the reason we left the swamp. Dexter, season 8, is why any of us exist because none of your dads could get it up without seeing multiple ghosts.

And to answer your question Hannibal is a trillion times better.

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