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Desc:Burn in hell scammers
Category:Short Films, Short Films
Tags:scam, scam the scammers
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Comment count is 4
Please show this video to all your computer illiterate relatives.
Chicken the Did
This is why I don't go to websites that have that cute 'We noticed you were using an ad blocker' shit. I have had Forbes.com try to fling two of these motherfuckers at me when I temporarily disabled the blocker out of curiosity and masochism a few times. The second one was pretty damned sophisticated. It used a Chrome hijack to prevent the user from selecting shut down and instead flashing arrows appeared and zoomed down on the phone number. Lots of voodoo and rattling bones to scare the shit out of grandma I guess.

Anyways top visited websites who turn a blind eye to this shit should be shamed. If it happens on your doorstep your ass is liable. Or should be.
This is a good person.
The "email address into the W3C URI validator" is so stupid it's brilliant.
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