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Desc:Absolutely horrifying
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:Eating, scorpion, worse animals, feeding
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Comment count is 9
Binro the Heretic
It's digestive tract is just a series of smaller & smaller pincers.
Like a hurricane.
Land Lobsters.
I'd like to thank whatever psycho thought it this cutesy music was appropriate for this horror show.

A wonderfully intricate process that required millions of years of evolution that is easily squashed by a boot.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
I'm curious and wanna watch this, but no time seems to be the right time. eg. before bed no, nightmares. During meal, no. and so on.
I worked at a pet store that sold these and 100% nearly bought one because of their woodchipper style of eating. Then, I remembered that I would be 100% over the novelty in a month and be stuck buying food for a creature that has no interesting behaviors with and is incapable of displaying any affection.

Kinda like my ex.
I bet making out with a woman who has a set of pincers in her mouth was pretty hot though.

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