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Desc:She isn't taking it well.
Category:News & Politics, Stunts
Tags:Sacha Baron Cohen, troll, moans of the dying, Sarah Palin, Im petulant and Im having a frenzy
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Comment count is 17
TeenerTot - 2018-07-16
I'm having trouble laughing at her. Looking back from where we are now, maybe she wasn't as awful as I thought.
Old_Zircon - 2018-07-16
She was.

SolRo - 2018-07-16
Sitting in a puddle of shit seems nice when you’re drowning in shit

poorwill - 2018-07-16
"Looking back from where we are now, maybe she wasn't as awful as I thought." sorry to pile, but come the fuck ooooooooon.

TeenerTot - 2018-07-17
OK, maybe it's easy to think like I do because she didn't end up in office. But to be fair, she's never been accused of grabbing pussies or kissing Putin's ass, or any other number of awful things Trump's done.

SolRo - 2018-07-17
She never had the chance to kiss up to Putin. She is plenty corrupt in her own ways, but again she was never in a high enough position to do massively corrupt things. You’re fooling yourself into the same “he doesn’t look THAT evil” mindset that people had during the election about trump.

I think Palin has some of the same egomaniacal tendencies as trump, she just didn’t have the chance to be a terrible real estate magnate due to not being born into money and inheriting a fortune.

Hugo Gorilla - 2018-07-16
"Bone spurs in his testes."

yogarfield - 2018-07-16
"I don't go on television often, but when I do I make sure to wear something that resembles a popcorn bag."
Accidie - 2018-07-16
man this is rich. They couldn't have asked for a better reaction.
crasspm - 2018-07-16
did this bitch just try to compare this to the #metoo movement?
Old_Zircon - 2018-07-16

infinite zest - 2018-07-17
(using roy fucking moore as an example no less)

Sudan no1 - 2018-07-17
over 9000 bone spurs in testes
Hooker - 2018-07-17
Not only is she too stupid to realize that she's advertising for the show, when asked point blank if she realizes she's advertising for the show, SHE OUTRIGHT URGES PEOPLE TO WATCH THE SHOW!

The Mothership - 2018-07-17
Is it because I's black, or is it because I's is black?
BHWW - 2018-07-17
I remember another time when Cohen trick-interviewed somebody, it was for his movie "Bruno" and he told a Palestinian Christian he interviewed it was to show people what life is really like in the Palestinian territories, and instead described him as a terrorist, a leader of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade and likened his non-violent resistance to Al-Qaeda. His grocery business was ruined but he did win something in a defamation settlement so I suppose that makes it all right. Oh, what a mischievous imp Cohen can be.
Hooker - 2018-07-17
Yeah, but that part where the penis started talking was really funny.

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