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Old_Zircon - 2018-07-16

There's a surprising lack of vore in this.

BiggerJ - 2018-07-17

I wholeheartedly approve of the concept of puzzle domination.

Mother Lumper - 2018-07-17

This is very well done, but I know too many furries to be unaware of the SECRET FETISHRY:

Vore (hour glass scene)
Death/breath control (noose)

BiggerJ - 2018-07-17

You forgot 'multi' - in this case, multilimb and multiple eyes.

Furry is going mainstream, and people are gradually tolerating them, and even their other fetishes.

A brief explanatory history:

The furry fandom began during the very early days of the internet or shortly before. The anonymity and connectivity granted by the internet enabled thoughts and behaviors that would normally be repressed to instead be nurtured.

When furries tried to break out into the mainstream, the result is a perfect storm of backlash due to the animal element, resulting in furries retreating into the internet and becoming separate from the rest of the internet, making their entire online identities about being furries, rather than just part of those identities. At least some furries - it's very difficult to figure out even a rough percentage due to the 'vocal minority' problem - aare furry fetishists, which means their online identity is about sex. Not exactly healthy.

The furry fandom committed Geek Social Fallacy #1: Ostracizers Are Evil. They'd been excluded so much by mainstream society that they came to believe that all exclusion is wrong. As a result, they tolerated pretty much all other fetishes, resulting in unprecedented fetish crossover.

Today, furries are slowly going mainstream, and while sheer persistence is a factor, there is another: young queer furries. Young queer people seek acceptance online and find guaranteed acceptance in the furry fandom. Instead of constantly seeking sexual pleasure like there's an orgasm button on their forehead, their output is also about other things, like feelings. Examples include the excellent comics Crow Cillers and Night Physics. And of course, the current political-correctness trend is also a factor. And so, furry slowly leaks out into mainstream culture.

The question is: when we find equilibrium, what will that equilibrium be? Will everything be okay? Or will everyone indulge in unusual thoughts and actions to such a degree that we will all only merely tolerate each other at best, become more distant from each other and eventually stop breeding like in John B. Calhoun's 'mouse paradise'/'beautiful ones' experiment?

We are the This-Is-Fine Generation. We've realized exactly what direction the world is going it but by this time it's far too late to stop it.

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