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Desc:10,000 deleted tweets seem a little suspicious...
Category:Horror, Crime
Tags:Disney, James Gunn, twitter, pedo jokes, diversity and comics
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Comment count is 14
I like that an account named Diversity and comics has titles like "Boyish Lesbian Re-Imagines SHE-RA As A Boyish Lesbian" and has 50 videos bitching about SJWs.

Restore the status quo. Bully more nerds.
jocks had a point tbh

James Gunn's crime was looking, dressing and sounding like a boyish lesbian.

John Holmes Motherfucker

The issue is that when a lesbian creator makes SheRa, a character for girls, look "like a lesbian", that's "an agenda".

When men created the original She-Ra, a character for girls, and made her look like a Hooters waitress at ComicCon, that's just natural and beautiful.

I kind of relate to this. I have enough brains to take responsibility for overcoming this prejudice (also, I'm old; I've had a chance to think things through) but I am subject to this same kind of prejudice. It FEELS like an agenda.

John Holmes Motherfucker
You know, that's the whole problem right there. When nonwhite or nonmale or nonstraight people are introduced, it feels like an agenda to a white male, even a well-meaning white male, and to be honest, maybe there is an agenda. The illusion is that when white males are running things, that's not an agenda.

F *this* James Gunn, or more so these PizzaGate cretins making me associate the name of a great SF author with some Hollywood person.

*James Gunn deletes every tweet from a two year period*

John Holmes Motherfucker
I'm not going to watch this, but does anyone else think that sorting through 10,000 tweets sounds like a lot of work?

Sudan no1
are you really posting this bitch LOL
Ya Boy Zach up in the house!
Guys, he formed a thesis in his head -- this is a deep thinker
John Holmes Motherfucker
1 week ago
I did the same thing. I thought it was just fake offended at first. Then later in the day I looked more into it and HOLY SHIT!! I was military too so I know about offensive edgy humor. No, this is a pattern of behavior. A scary one.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Robert DeNiro NOT a suspect in sex traffic case according to Snopes

https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/was-robert-deniro-child-traf ficking-ring/
"There's no Godfather's Pizza!"
What's your point?

"I usually just skim stuff, unless its a comic book."
What's your point?

"So here's how I sleep at a rest stop..."
Stopped listening.
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