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Category:Classic TV Clips, Religious
Tags:90s, heavy metal, Public Access, wtf, LOL XTIANS
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Have I mentioned before that a while ago I came into possession of a one-of-a-kind hi-8 home movie of Stryper in studio recording, their 2002 or 2003 album?

I think that should probably be the pre-stream bullshit next time I'm up for MNR.
Hey, show don't tell buddy!

I have to digitize it first, and that means finding it and hoping my old digital-8 camcorder still works.

So at 0:20 when the guy on the left throws up the devil horns is it some kind of special anti-devil horns thing because his palm is facing in, or what?
Haven't found anything by Googling but I did discover that Gene Simmons tried to trademark it last June and failed, because obviously the claim that he was the first entertainer to use it on stage is easily demonstrable horseshit.

Just one more example of KISS and Simmons being an embarrassment.

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