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Desc:Trump supporters in the comments are what the word "triggered" was invented for, as expected.
Category:News & Politics, Stunts
Tags:fox news, white people, moans of the dying, trump, read the comments
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Comment count is 12
Jamie Holladay
8 hours ago (edited)

Lol I vote to regime change and arrest anyone gathering with intent to remove the American voters respremting president .
This violates the first ammendment as it's treason with intent to assemble to plan against American government .
You can't assemble like this or it violates freedoms ..
I see a repeat of the communist search of 1950s for violating this law.
Far left radicals are a threatenig to over throw our democracy with communist facist rule of socialism .
Bruce MacMillan
7 hours ago

The USA is no longer, Goodbye once amazing country.

joe Schlotthauer
7 hours ago

Nope,... you just can't specifically single one entity out from another. If you remove his you have to remove them all.

Marlon Brawndo
The evil forces of Iceland have won again.

I hate those elite liberal faggots who won't give the Donald a gold star!
Marlon Brawndo
I like that I'm much more invested in the Mighty Ducks kid as a screwed up adult. I'm rooting for him, even though he looks like a serial killer.

I'm sure he'll just buy it and install it outside Mar-A-Lago where the protestors are.
Give the reality show man his participation trophy back this instant!
Spoiler; this doesn’t actually remove his star. Another group has to decide that and they refuse even to remove Cosby’s star so...
That's true, and it makes the Youtube comment flailing even more funny.

Also it's worth noting that it has been vandalized a lot more than twice, it's just that it has only been physically smashed twice.

Maybe they can move it over to WDW's empty Great Movie Ride cue area that they're transferring into a Mickey Mouse ride. They're going to get your money for Star Wars Land, who gives a fuck what heinous politics is involved.

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