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Desc:what it says on the tin
Category:Cartoons & Animation, News & Politics
Tags:space ghost, alex jones, I wish Space Ghost was still around for this
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Comment count is 19
Space Ghost shouldn't be giving him a platform.
Alex Jones is a national treasure, of course he should be on Space Ghost.

Ghost Planet is a privately-owned company and the owner can decide what material to show on his or her programs.

Gay for nuclear de-escalation.
Without saying a word Zorak says it all.
Maggot Brain

Who the fuck is blackmailing you to start WW3? The four horsemen?
blue vein steel
Just he usual suspects: a cabal of "globalists" (Bezos, Musk, Obama, et al) that wants to wipe out 90% of the worlds population in order to usher in a techno-utopia that they will rule over for eternity in cyborg bodies

Shanghai Tippytap
ironically the extreme right seem the most prepared to wipe out a significant portion of the world's population

The regular right is okay with it too as long as it’s Mexicans or mooslems getting killed

Or communists

Or socialists

Or Africans

The left seems to be tripping over themselves to start wars with russia and asia so i think we have the entire population of the world pretty much covered.

Mister Yuck
What are you talking about garcet?

Starting wars with Russia, in the Middle East, etc. are apolitical initiatives pushed by the CIA/pentagon/state department. America’s government base objective is to keep the military industrial complex profitable no matter who is in office

my heart
Sucking dick to prevent WWIII.. to own the libs?
Sucking dick is its own reward, owning the libs is just a bonus.

Alex Jones on whisky is pretty risky.

But Alex Jones on beer, is afraid of the queers.
blue vein steel
Alex likes his grog like he likes his frogs; a little fruity

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