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Category:Classic Movies, Educational
Tags:60s, Violence, mental illness, short and sweet, UFO CULT VHS
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Comment count is 6
Meerkat - 2018-09-06
This was me at the gardening centre a few years back, this woman just kept hitting my cart with her cart and I finally yelled "GET OFFA ME" at her.
Meerkat - 2018-09-06
Then later I felt bad about it. But not that bad.

Binro the Heretic - 2018-09-06
Several years ago, two kids of about 14 - 15 years of age were running with a cart through the aisles of the supermarket. I guess they were brother & sister, maybe helping mom or dad shop.

Anyway, the boy was pushing and rounded a corner with the girl giggling & chasing after him with something to throw in the cart. He was looking back at her and ran his cart right into mine. Even though I'd had a shitty day & was tired, I didn't react violently.

The kids both looked scared & immediately froze. I just shook my head and maneuvered around them. As I was walking past their cart, the boy resumed pushing it, but at a normal speed.

It would have ended there, but just after drawing level with me, the boy muttered, "Outta my way, fat ass." Without thinking, I grabbed him by the shirt collar and yanked him around to face me. I don't know what kind of expression I had on my face, but his eyes got really wide. It was just a split second of time and when I saw how scared he looked, I released him & kept walking. I heard the girl stifle a giggle when I was a few feet away.

I don't know if it affected the kids, but I was rattled. At first, I was upset at myself for losing it like that. Jesus I could have hurt a kid for doing stupid kid shit and wouldn't even have meant to do it.

Then I became worried someone might call the cops after witnessing a grown man in his thirties assaulting a child.

The Mothership - 2018-09-09
If it was as you say Binro, I don't think a jury in the world would convict you.

boner - 2018-09-10
I bumped a cart at Walmart once and the guy tracked me down minutes later and threatened to rip my head off in a really quiet low voice like a true psychopath.

Every day low prices, though.

Binro the Heretic - 2018-09-06
I'm guessing the next part teaches cops the best way to shoot an obviously mentally-ill person to ensure they drop like a stone.
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