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Desc:Japanese commercial for a Biz Markie doll. Human beatbox!
Tags:japanese, Biz Markie
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Comment count is 14
Fucking hell I want one.
Calamity Jon
+1 star for "Jun 'Bug Starski' Ohki." +4 stars for everything else.
what the hell
Nobody beats the Biz! Join him or die. Can you do any less?
Oh snap!
My mind is blown and now I want one. Another +5 for this commercial for producing a mental image of kids using the doll's hand to pick their noses for them
j lzrd / swift idiot
Biz Markie sends beats to the land of wind and ghosts!
Caminante Nocturno
I hadn't realized that the commercial had actually started until the toy showed up. This deserves 5 stars just for that.
i just caught the vapors
"Now with booger pickin' finger!"
Corman's Inferno
Does it come in that cereal box? Because if it does, I must now do everything in my power to get one.
Only a thousand of these dolls available??
Like the short lived Banzai! show and American Iron Chef, this seems like an American-born poor imitating of Japanese wackiness.

If it's actually from Japan, I'm disappointed in you guys.
Banzai was British.

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