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Desc:This will end well.
Category:Business, Stunts
Tags:China, superpower, the youtube comments, Caspian Report, One Belt One Road
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Comment count is 9
cognitivedissonance - 2018-09-10
Considering they’re not known for the longevity of their civic improvements, this will be interesting to watch. The Chinese take an attitude toward bridges that is best described as “cavalier”.
gmol - 2018-09-10
You do know which country builds most of the largest suspension bridges in the world, don't you?

blase - 2018-09-10
While Trump is belligerently putting off our allies, China is attempting to brand itself as the globalist ambassador. World domination through business tactics.

Check out how they "borrowed" Coca-Cola's "It's the Real Thing"
in their latest marketing attempt v.qq.com/x/page/z0779i0kx5l.html [in the hopper]
Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2018-09-11
Yeah, they've also been doing their own version of neo-liberal economics in Africa.. Its like the nice version of it.. Instead of the classic US version of..
1. Force a regime change, with ecomomic threats / spy shit / assassination / military.
2. Get new regime to agree to insane loans with huge interest that can never be paid back.
2. US companies move in and get the nations precious natural resources almost for free for as long as the regime stays in power.

The Chinese version is.
1. Give massive loan with little or no interest.
2. Chinese companies build infrastructure.
3. African country is now their willing ally.

Modern China seems like the alternate-universe non-evil version of US / Russia

Anaxagoras - 2018-09-11

I have a very hard time reconciling their (relatively) benevolent actions in Africa with the recent creepy Orwellian turn their government has taken recently. (their Credit Rating System)

Zoot42 - 2018-09-11
Now the CCP cam bring its re-education camps from Xinjiang to the rest of the world. Praise Xi Jinpimg the great leader!!
blase - 2018-09-12
According to comments on western social media, a lot of people might actually agree with that idea.
blase - 2018-09-12
[Xinjiang re-education camps]

The Mothership - 2018-09-13
Before we get started talking about China taking over the world, let us remember the long history of Chinese civilization: China only cares about one thing.


China ain't gonna invade and take over your shit, cause China only cares about China.
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